Friday, June 12, 2020

Capital Budget SubCommittee - Recap - June 10, 2020

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #cbsc0610

  • Real time reporting underway for the capital budget Subcommittee meeting today. Chair Pellegri has Kelly read the protocol statement as she was connected via phone only. #cbsc0610
  • First up, a van for the electrician to use, purchased from Franklin Ford, passed via roll call as 4-0 (Kelly, Chandler, Dellorco, Pellegri) 2nd item the additional funds for the server replacement missed the first time around. Also passes 4-0 #cbsc0610
  • Next item to close out some road/sidewalk work already started and underway. Will leave $300k in 'free cash' unencumbered for something needed down the road. Can be used in July/Aug per recent Legislation #cbsc0610 vote to approve passed 4-0 normal road money is chap 90
  • Good piece of info, to add sidewalk where not already cost about $100/foot. Beaver St up next, followed by Washington St. #cbsc0610
  • Next up another ambulance, $350k, would give us 2 in reserve, can only put 2 on road at a time. To fund a third is major personnel requirements. #cbsc0610
  • Next up debt authorization, rationale for some other capital improvement to be done with less than a debt exclusion (which is used for complete new or refurbed schools). This method did the Library, Senior Center, fire station, etc. Previously. #cbsc0610
  • Combined great credit score and low interest rates, as well as likely obtain favorable pricing just sets us up for doing needed for very cost effectively. Recommend for Council next week, actual authorization would be later. #cbsc0610
  • That completes the agenda, the FinCom had voted 8-0 on all of these last week. Worried about the windows in the municipal building, not sure what's behind the walls. #cbsc0610
  • Motion to adjourn, that completes reporting for this meeting. Stay tuned, Economic Development Subcommittee up at 6:30 #cbsc0610 #edc0610 and we'll roll along!
screen grab of virtual meeting
screen grab of virtual meeting

screen grab of capital funding project list
screen grab of capital funding project list


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