Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Real time reporting: School Committee meeting - April 14, 2020

Remote meeting via Google Meet. All School Community members present via roll call.

FY21 Budget Open Hearing

Taking notes via Twitter, the complete thread can be found online

The text of each tweet note can be found here: I believe I have ordered them in the proper time sequence.
  • Real time reporting of first virtual School Committee meeting including FY2021 budget hearing #schcomm0414
  • No audio yet via the live stream from the Town of Franklin page, maybe it will come on soon. The Google meet link works fine
  • Real time reporting - FY21 Budget Open Hearing underway - follow doc at link
  • Problem with audio via live stream as well as cable feed not yet resolved. Try the Google meet link, sound there works. Can't paste link here go to schools page and meeting agenda
  • Participation seems to be growing for meeting, and the SchComm did get questions thru the chat window!
  • Supt Ahern talks about the critical needs added to last year's base. #schcomm0414 ... Approx 44 on virtual meeting at this point if I read the screen properly
  • Likely budget gap to be larger than what was previously expected due to pandemic circumstances
  • Looking ahead slide from #schcomm0414 meeting, bunch of big questions there stay tuned to revised Town budget timeline for further info. SchComm voting on this Apr 28
  • Reading line items of the budget, individual holds can be placed for further discussion on those items
  • Questions on principals at the high school, one believes there is too much, that it is a luxury implying we can afford it. Response that the structure is not the same as other schools, we only have 1 on curriculum
  • Questions on instructional coaches and related expenses. Response clarification came in that these support the direct education of the students and support the teachers
  • Special Ed out of district placements approx 75-80 students, range from $45k to a high of $245k per student, legally required to provide
  • Closing budget hearing via roll call, moving to regular meeting agenda
  • In the superintendent report, recognition for Kit Brady who is stepping down from an active role with FEF...
  • Three candidates selected as finalists for FHS. Names to be added with formal announcement later
  • Question on approving pay for hourly workers thru May 4, why not go for end of year? Possible issue with cafe worker funding but could go for end of year now.
  • Vote on hourly pay through school closure, passes 7-0 via roll call.
  • Proposal to do away with April vacation, use that for 4 days of remote learning and end sooner (if it comes to that). Could end June 18 with this approval, passes 7-0 via roll call
  • Superintendent Ahern provides update on remote learning plan, acknowledge difference between K students and high schoolers, grading on complete or incomplete, or P/F basis, let concept is access and not everyone has it
  • Elise Stokes shares parent experience (she has 2) while balancing her work too, kudos to the teachers for adapting to this
  • Facility study awaiting the sizing report, complicated by the facilities closure, McKibben to redo numbers in Aug given pandemic period, likely to be something less (~5%)
  • Consent agenda (leaving out the Mar 10 minutes - not in package) read as otherwise listed; moved, seconded, passed 7-0 via roll call
  • Back to #schComm0414 - 3 finalists for FHS principal position (hopefully I get names spelled properly) Rick Arena, current Asst Principal at Groton-Dunstable Reg HS; Josh Hanna, Asst Principal at Hopkinton HS; and Bill Klements, Deputy Principal at FHS
Full text of the Principal search update can be found here

 Full text of the Superintendent's Report can be found here

Franklin TV video replay

School Committee member Elise Stoke providing an update on the Facilities study
School Committee member Elise Stoke providing an update on the Facilities study

questions submitted via Chat
questions submitted via Chat

Superintendent Sara Ahern providing an overview of the FY 2021 budget
Superintendent Sara Ahern providing an overview of the FY 2021 budget

School COmmittee Chair Anne Bergen opening the meeting
School Committee Chair Anne Bergen opening the meeting

slide capture during the budget hearing
slide capture during the budget hearing

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