Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Part of Clark Cutler McDermott coming to life to save lives

From State Rep Jeff Roy's YouTube channel, he shares a segment from the Boston Fox station. The text I have seen on Facebook attributed to Town Council Chair Tom Mercer who is also part of the video segment. Tom and I have also been in contact to schedule an Matters radio show on this topic.
"The former Clark Cutler McDermott Plant is trying to be brought back to life to help in the growing need for PPE’s. This project started just one week ago when I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about current ownership of the former Clark Cutler McDermott Company as he was a former employee of CCM years ago but was familiar with the equipment that was once in the building. He explained to me what he was looking to do (Make PPE's).
Our Town Administrator and I were able to connect him with the current owners of the property Rick Kaplan and Casey Killam. After this connection was made I called Representative Jeffrey Roy who is not only our State Representative, but the House Chair of the Manufacturing Caucus which encourages “Making it in Massachusetts.” Jeff was able to connect them with the right people at the State Level to get the ball rolling there. He enlisted the support of the Massachusetts Manufacturing Partnership (MassMEP) to help navigate the process.

As of this post the group led by Norb Jankowski who now lives in Michigan and Peter Berzin from Pennsylvania both arrived in Franklin earlier this week. We have met as a group on Tuesday and again yesterday. In the last few days they formed an LLC with the help of Franklin attorney Michael Doherty. They have identified a material supplier in Rhode Island and are now reaching out to a stitchery so that once these PPE’s are die cut at the CCM plant, they would go to a stitching plant and then initially right out to our Massachusetts & Rhode Island front line first responders and Hospitals.
They feel they will be able to produce over 100,000 PPE’s weekly from Franklin’s CCM facility. There still are a few more steps to be made before this project comes to fruition. They are keeping the Town updated on their progress daily. This is a wonderful opportunity for our great community to help in this worldwide crisis.

Two very special “Thank You’s” need to go to Rick Kaplan & Casey Killam of Remax Real Estate who have made their property available to this group and to Representative Jeff Roy for once again jumping in and making the State connections necessary to help get this entity up and running hopefully in record time.


  1. What is a PPE exactly? A mask, gloves, gown? What exactly are they planning to produce? A mask is innumerably more important than a gown for front line workers. A respiratory virus needs respiratory protection.

    That being said, kudos to those working to make a difference. Just hope they are consulting with medical leadership before deciding what resources are “needed”.

    1. PPE - personal protective equipment, and does include masks, gloves, gowns, etc. In this case, the machine targeted is for making gowns. The materials reportedly sourced will meet a high standard requirement. The output would be targeted for MA (of course) and RI (where the material is being sourced from) institutions. It is a multi-threaded effort to meet a need

  2. I'm an RN working with clients that are medically fragile and have developmental disabilities. We are in need of gowns! Is there any way we can tap into this supply chain?

  3. You are "unknown". My email is on this page, you can contact me. Or search for "Contollo" on this page, the company web page is also provided so you can reach out to contact them directly