Sunday, April 12, 2020

Marc Berger: "Reason and a Rhyme" (video)

Marc Berger came to the Franklin Public Library a couple of years ago (Feb 2018) and has composed/released this new song for the times we find ourselves in.

For more of Marc 's work:


Skies begin to blacken
Streets are out of tune
When you’re down and draggin’
Railing at the moon
When you fear your weary heart won’t stand another blow
Keep in mind these simple lines and they will lead you home

So don’t you cry, you’ll get by
If you just keep the faith
For all the love you’re dreaming of
Comes to those who wait
And every song you pass along
Will return someday
There’s a reason and a rhyme a
And answers on the way

Feel the gentle rhythm
Sweep across the land
All our sins forgiven
Soil and the sand
Like the wild and raging river rushing for the sea
Bends and winds so many times before it’s finally free

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