Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"the likely result is a generation of students forced to play catch-up"

From The Washington Post, an article of interest for Franklin
"Only weeks after the coronavirus pandemic forced American schools online, education leaders across the country have concluded that millions of children’s learning will be severely stunted and are planning unprecedented steps to help them catch up.

In Miami, school will extend into the summer and start earlier in the fall, at least for some students. In Cleveland, schools may shrink the curriculum to cover only core subjects. In Columbia, Mo., this year’s lessons will be woven into next year’s.

Some experts suggest holding back more kids, a controversial idea, while others propose a half-grade step-up for some students, an unconventional one. A national teachers union is proposing a massive national summer school program.
“We have to have a recovery plan for education,” said Eric Gordon, chief executive for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. “I’m really worried that people think schools and colleges just flipped to digital and everything’s fine and we can just return to normal. That’s simply not the case.”

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Found via the Twitterverse:

"the likely result is a generation of students forced to play catch-up"
Terrell Bell looks at a learning guide he picked up for his little sister at John H. Webster Elementary School in Philadelphia. Philadelphia public schools are still in the process of moving students online, while districts across the country are already counting on “historic” learning loss for low-income students. (Matt Rourke/AP)

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