Saturday, October 1, 2022

Election Collection 2022: State election November 8

This collection holds the information shared and/or gathered for the State Election scheduled for November 8, 2022. The most recent info is on the top, scroll down for the older information including the Primary results for September 2022.

Find the same info by category in this listing ->

Non-partisan voters guide for 2022


Official results

Unofficial results (official results no later than Friday 11/10/22)

Voting in Franklin, MA on Nov 8, 2022

Representative Jeff Roy rolls out 2022 endorsements for his re-election campaign

Representative Roy step therapy bill signed into law

Town Clerk's office closed on Nov 8

Franks Musings: 047 - Ballot Questions (audio)

Frank Presents: 046 - Mark Lenzi on Ballot Question 3 (audio)

Voices of Franklin: Ted McIntyre - Strong Support for Senator Rausch

Voices of Franklin: Colin Cass - "Democrats for Dooley" half true

Boston Globe: "Details of Anthony Amore’s divorce are becoming an issue in Mass. auditor’s race."


Franklin Voter Guide for 2022

Jeff Roy making the case for your vote (video)

Frank Presents: 044 - Rachel Plukas & Alan Earls (audio)

Frank Presents: 043 - MA State Representative Jeff Roy (audio)

CommonWealth Magazine: "What’s behind the pipeline debate in governor’s race?"

You are welcome to observe multiple sessions of the advance removal and deposit of vote by mail ballots for the Nov 8 election

Tabulator testing completed Wednesday (voting machines count what they should)

Frank Presents: 040 - Conversations with Charles Bailey and 041 - Shawn Dooley (audio)

Frank Presents: Shawn Dooley (video)

Frank Presents: Charles Bailey (video)

Town Clerk reminder on early voting schedule

Representative Dooley conversation with Franklin Matters (audio)

Rausch vs. Dooley recap (text)

Mail ballots processed by Town Clerk

Boston Globe: "Liquor store giant Total Wine enters fray on Question 3"

Senator Rausch vs. Representative Dooley conversation (video)

Resources for Question #4

Resources for Question #1 

Franklin Liquors: Fall River cable access video on Ballot Question #3

Boston Globe: Questions & Answers on Ballot Question #1

Town Clerk: voter information for Nov 8, 2022 election

MA Governor candidates square off in debate ->

Early Voting schedule

Washington Post interactive on election deniers

Frank Falvey interviews Dashe Videra for "Frank Presents" (audio)

State Rep Jeff Roy interview with Franklin Matters Radio (audio)

Frank Falvey interviews State Rep Jeff Roy for "Frank Presents" -> (video) 

Senator Becca Rausch interview with Franklin Matters Radio (audio)

MASSTer list info on Ballot Question 3 ->

Tuft's analysis on Ballot Question 2 ->

State Election "Red Book" - voters guide -> 
Questions 1-3 are included in the printed Information for Voters book. Question 4 was submitted too late to be included, but you can find it in the online version at

Fair Share Amendment info - Ballot Question 1

Town of Franklin Official results of Sep 6 primary ->

Election Collection 2022: State election November 8
Election Collection 2022: State election November 8

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