Friday, September 30, 2022

Boston Globe: With Ballot "Question 4, GOP wants to trade safety for votes"

"Florida and Texas aren’t the only states where Republicans are fear-mongering about immigrants to whip up support in November.

It’s happening here, too, with a GOP-led ballot question that would repeal a law, passed by state lawmakers in June, allowing undocumented residents to apply for driver’s licenses.

What’s happening here is almost as naked and heartless a political ploy as Governor Ron DeSantis trying to strand planeloads of Venezuelan asylum-seekers on Martha’s Vineyard. Worse, Question 4 is an attempt to win votes at the expense of public safety.

The Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police, and a majority of the state’s sheriffs and district attorneys, support allowing undocumented immigrants to have driver’s licenses, and for good reason. Tens of thousands of those immigrants are driving anyway, mostly to get to work. We are all safer if everybody on the roads is tested, licensed, and insured."
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The Massachusetts State HouseCRAIG F. WALKER/GLOBE STAFF
The Massachusetts State House CRAIG F. WALKER/GLOBE STAFF

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  1. During the Cold War, we all grew accustomed to pronouncements from Pravda, the Soviet state newspaper. They were laughably false and based on ideology rather than facts. Unfortunately, the Boston Globe has become a similarly laughable source of information -- its pronouncements strictly aligned with the talking points of the Democrat party rather than objective reality.
    For more than a decade, an information war has confused and misled America. In Orwellian-speak, illegal aliens, an unambiguous and meaningful term, have been replaced by undocumented migrants -- a deliberately vague and meaningless construct. Further, a confused public has begun to act and think as if the undocumented are also invariably legitimate asylum seekers: a complete untruth.
    For nakedly political reasons, the Massachusetts Democrat party has further dismembered the legal structures that define citizenship and give meaning to a national existence by giving driver's licenses to individuals without any legal right to be in the United States of America, completely blurring the line between citizenship, legal entry, naturalization, and pure trespass. Law enforcement support is a matter of not biting the hand that feeds.
    This has been done for cynical reasons -- to create another subgroup of clients that it is hoped will be locked into a symbiotic relationship with the party -- forever.
    It is wrong. It is an insult to all Americans and particularly those who have followed the law and become naturalized citizens. It is yet another step toward anarchy -- the state of affairs when laws cease to have meaning in the lives of everyday citizens.
    It is a tragedy.
    No one who seriously cares about the country or about immigrants should support the actions of the legislature. Instead, this harmful, hurtful, and hateful measure must be repealed.
    And, as to the preposterous notion that this is a Republican scheme, as someone who collected signatures to get this matter before the public, at least half of those who signed the sheets identified as Democrats or Independents.