Thursday, November 7, 2019

School Committee - Recap of 10/15/19 meeting

Catching up to this recap (apologies for the delay, was spending time on the election prep which was more important at the time).

  • The Superintendent's Report announced the authors visit to the three middle schools. This visit was funded by an FEF grant. 
  • FHS students along with FHS teachers Kevin McCarthy and Mike Walsh provided an update on their trip to Germany this summer. 66 students participated in what was summarized as a success!
  • NEASC Two-Year Update – Paul Peri and William Klements provided an update that FHS did receive the accreditation. In the final report, there were 9 highlighted recommendations; 3 were completed outright and 6 of the 9 deal with 21st century and are connected with the Portrait of a Graduate work already underway.
  • Joyce Edwards and Kristin Letendre provided and update on the Health and Wellness program (presentation copy found below)
  • Policy updates on the meeting procedure were approved
  • The Superintendent's new contract was approved (1% increase in line with other contracts)
4 FHS students providing the update on the trip to Germany
4 FHS students providing the update on the trip to Germany

The Superintendent's Report

MetroWest Slides
The agenda and other  documents released for this meeting can be found

Franklin TV has the video of this meeting available for replay
Additional details can be found in my notes captured live during the meeting
  • Live reporting: Consent Agenda to Closing
  • Live reporting: Discussion Only Items
  • Live reporting: Discussion - Action Items
  • Live reporting: School Committee - October 15, 2019

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