Friday, May 8, 2020

Town Council denies Dean College liquor license; approved trash/recycling fee increase

  • The Council denied Dean College a liquor license to replace the daily/event based one they request up to 30 times a year. No issues ever over the years of this process, yet fears of future problems prevailed for Council vote. With one member absent, the vote was 4-4 hence failing
  • The water resource map was updated as a formality and necessary to correct technical errors, this was approved as the last legislative item for action
  • The coronavirus update by Town Administrator Jamie Hellen still seems inadequate for at least one Councilor. The plan was released for the phased re-opening of Town operations but it seems to have been not enough
  • The trash recycling fee increase was approved 8-0-1 (1 absent, 8 for)
  • Action on the Community Preservation Act was punted to a future (June?) meeting primarily for tworeasons, Pellegri's absence and concern over the 3% proposal, although the Council still seems to want to put it on the November ballot. And they have time to do so by voting to approve before October
My real-time notes for the Town Council meeting of May 6, a lengthy session on Wednesday night.

  • Real time reporting underway for Town Council meeting tonight, #tc0506
  • 8 of the 9 Council in attendance tonight (Pellegri absent) approx 26 total participating at start of meeting #tc0506
  • Motion to approve minutes of March 22; seconded passed 8-0-1 via roll call (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Jackie Maciel lives on Elm St regarding COVID-19 data as published, raising problem with the #s as reported; towns being held hostage by the cities. Makes reference to AG Barr. #tc0506
  • Next item water resource map update for hearing, had been discussed in time BCE (before coronavirus era) required per state DEP, really a house cleaning item. #tc0506 TA Jamie Hellen provides update, No cost to it. Up to 29 participating now
  • Need to update map due to zoning requirements for the water resource protection, a developer had a proposal stopped to an inaccurate map #tc0506
  • Dean college license application for liquor as discussed in last meeting back up for discussion, and revised since last time per discussion. Modifications to address items raised last time. New license would replace the daily ones they had been using #tc0506
  • Discussion continues, side issues of future, and safety, and would this license then lead to a brewery desire? No, not desired by Dean, trying to simplify the license process for the Town and Dean #tc0506
  • Annual license actually provides more oversight and protection (than the 30 x daily licenses) which is what some Councilors are asking for but appear to be getting confused by the side issues they raise #tc0506
  • TA Hellen provides summary and updates to various points raised during the discussion. #tc0506
  • Roll call vote on the amendment to add the restrictions to the motion, passed 8-0-1 (1 absent) vote on measure itself: Bissanti no, Chandler no, Dellorco no, Kelly no, motion does not carry as it finishes with a 4-4-1 (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Moving on to coronavirus update, up to 98 cases, approx 20/week. Plan on return dept by dept shared last week including Library contactless pickup/take out #tc0506 all Beaver St services open next week, only brush this week
  • Councilor Jones asking for the plan when the TA already said that is further away. There is NO public access under the first wave of the plan released. Not ready to make those decisions, discussion still underway #tc0506
  • Moving on to Community Preservation act, recap of what's been done to get here. Did include 3% surcharge along with the common exemptions, if to out on ballot for Nov, need to decide by October. #tc0506
  • Concern on the 3% item, maybe go lower initially. Get it passed, and perhaps after we have had success raise it later. Bissanti asking for delay to allow Pellegri to participate. #tc0506 most community went with 3 for the additional match/round of funding available
  • Can getting kicked down the road on this item, seeming for and mostly for 3% but deferring to Pellegri for her to weigh in at a meeting in June #tc0506
  • 1- Budget subcomm update on discussion 5/4 with follow up meeting on 5/11 at 5:30pm #tc0506 2- EDC meeting on inclusionary zoning held, another to be scheduled meeting notes and audio posted
  • Legislation up now, Bruins Grant of $75K for Fletcher field of basketball street hockey court under construction #tc0506
  • Acceptance of gift passed 8-0-1 (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Recycling/trash fee increase up for 2nd approval; chart of fees over the years shared previously, still below what we had been paying before we started single stream, vote 8-0-1 (1 absent)
  • Next 5 items all up for approval are for the resulting agreements with various negotiation groups. First passed 8-0-1 (1 absent) these were discussed in executive session last week. All should pass by same vote hearing that. Second does
  • Third passes, same vote; fourth passes, same vote and fifth passes by same vote - see agenda doc for details vote via roll call 8-0-1 (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Zoning bylaw amendment 20-854 passed by 8-0-1 (1 absent)
  • Wouldn't due justice to the council comments with this method of notes, listen to the replay for details. #tc0506 thanks to residents for patience and compliance during this. Thanks to the first responders for their work helping us all!
  • Motion to adjourn, seconded, passed via roll call 8-0-1(1 absent)

The agenda and associated documents can be found online

screengrab of virtual Town Council meeting 5/6/20
screengrab of virtual Town Council meeting 5/6/20

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