Monday, May 4, 2020

"The MS4 permit is an important step to reduce the harmful impact of polluted stormwater"

From the MA Municipal Association, we find this update on the storm water issue:
"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on April 23 that it is proposing targeted modifications to the 2016 Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) general permit for Massachusetts communities.

An EPA statement said that the proposed modifications would give municipalities more tools and flexibility for permit implementation while also ensuring that the water quality goals of the Clean Water Act are met.

The proposed modifications were developed through a multi-year mediation between the EPA and parties who challenged the underlying 2016 permit.

Last December, the EPA announced that a settlement agreement had been reached between the agency and the permit litigants – including municipalities, environmental groups and other stakeholders – and initiated a public comment period. The settlement agreement was executed in mid-April. According to the EPA, the proposed modifications to the permit are identical to those contained in the settlement."

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The MS4 permit is the driver behind the storm water utility fee being developed. As reported and shared here over the years, Franklin has been a leader in storm water management preparing for the day when the fee take effect. The story of what Franklin accomplished over the years is summarized in the Information Session Presentation.

The first two sessions were held but the third storm water information session (March 22) was canceled as the coronavirus shutdown took place. In the new normal world we will go forward with, there will be additional sessions. The schedule at this time is not yet available.

You can listen to each of the first two session recordings

FM #223 - Stormwater Utility Fee Info Session 1 - March 6, 2020 (audio)

FM #225 Stormwater Utility Session 2 - March, 11, 2020 (audio)

The presentation doc was updated for the second session and available here. 

The second session was held at the Franklin TV studio
The second session was held at the Franklin TV studio

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