Monday, May 4, 2020

Podcast Recommendation: Brene Brown's "Unlocking Us"

In these challenging times, akin to the safety warning when flying, we need to put our oxygen mask on first before helping the child next to us. Taking care of ourselves, will help provide the resilience to deal with the changes each day brings.

A good nights sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet can address the physical aspects. For the mental aspects, taking only a few doses of main stream media is one step. Choosing good reading or listening also helps. 

When I walk along the side roads, I can listen to one of several podcasts. One of the new entries to my regular list is appropriate for this time. Brene Brown has introduced a new podcast "Unlocking Us". It was supposed to get a big splash entry in March at the South by Southwest Conf (SXSW) but alas the pandemic shut that down. 

Splash entry or not, Brene is a worthy listen. In this episode she talks with Dr Marc Brackett about emotional literacy. 
"Dr. Marc Brackett has dedicated his life to studying emotions and to teaching us what he’s learning. In this episode, we talk about how emotional literacy – being able to recognize, name, and understand our feelings – affects everything from learning, decision making, and creativity, to relationships, health, and performance."
Listen to the podcast here (or subscribe via one of the several podcast apps where you can find it):

Podcast Recommendation: Brene Brown's "Unlocking Us"
Podcast Recommendation: Brene Brown's "Unlocking Us"
Brene Brown is an accomplished author and speaker. She has a couple of TED Talks among several good videos to view and get the gist of what she talks about

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