Wednesday, May 6, 2020

FHS "Keep Music Alive" 5/05/20 - #6

I hope that we all are doing well. Because I missed last Thursday (sorry!), I will be posting three performances today. We are featuring students who play the guitar and electric bass today! Enjoy!

Max Allard - FHS Senior
Max is a student who uses his diverse artistic talents to help others daily. Max founded the Unified Music program at FHS. He plays saxophone in the FHS Band, is a founding member of the FHS Acapella group and has recently become a thespian in our drama program. Max, Thank you for this beautiful performance.   

You Raise Me Up

Zachary Vigil - FHS Senior

Zach plays guitar and electric bass in the FHS Jazz Band. He has been very active in our audio production program.
Sadly, Zach recently lost his grandmother during this time of isolation. He would like to dedicate this performance to his Nana.   

All Things Must Pass

Ian Richardson - FHS Sophomore
Ian plays electric bass in the FHS Jazz Band. This year, he learned how to play the upright bass and joined the orchestra. He studies privately and participated in the Central Districts Jazz Band this year.  

Jazz Improvisation

Diane M. Plouffe
Director of Music
Franklin Public Schools
Franklin High School

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