Wednesday, May 6, 2020

50+ Job Seekers Networking Group: Interviewing Session - May 8

Friday, May 8th 9 am - Noon

Facilitator: Edward Lawrence; Career Coach
Co-facilitator: Erin Rogers; Social Services Coordinator
Special Guest: Coach Melissa Molinero

Melissa Molinero is a Life and Career Coach and Certified Job Counselor in New Jersey offering individual and group coaching sessions, workshops and professional resume writing services. She has built a reputation for engaging one-on-one sessions to develop areas of need and partner with clients in the development and execution of clear and measurable goals. Her website is

This session focuses on two aspects of the interview process.

First, we will focus on interview preparation, including the types of interviews, key components of an interview, and types of interview questions.

Melissa will discuss interview strategy: How do you distinguish yourself from the field of other candidates? What must you do to navigate the weeding out process and ensure you are one of the finalists? What should you do after the interview to ensure you remain under consideration?

Program Pre-Registration (once per town location) is required:

Registration is required for this specific online meeting:

After you register for the 50+ Program, we will place you on a list to receive a meeting's registration information.

If you have registered previously with the town that virtually hosts the session, there is no need for you to register again.

For additional information about this program, please contact Erin Rogers; Social Services Coordinator, Franklin Senior Center;; (508) 520-4945

Franklin is the hosting town for the Friday session.

Download your copy of the flyer here:

50+ Job Seekers Networking Group: Interviewing Session - May 8
50+ Job Seekers Networking Group: Interviewing Session - May 8

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