Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Community Preservation Committee holds inaugural meeting and organizes

Quick Recap:
  • Inaugural meeting of committee, sworn in by Town Clerk Nancy Danello, organizational votes conducted by Town Administrator Jamie Hellen
  • Chris Feeley voted as Chair, Dave McNeil voted as Vice-chair, Monique Doyle voted as Clerk; all votes 9-0
  • After discussion consensus reached to meeting monthly, first Tuesday of month, beginning at 7 PM
  • Info sessions to be set up with the five standing committees to get background on what's underway and /or planned in those arenas; Training session with Community Preservation Coalition also to be set up
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album
As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #cpc0302

  • Community Preservation Committee has its inaugural meeting soon. Here is the agenda with connection info and recommended reading links #cpc0302
  • Getting ready for real time reporting for the community preservation Committee meeting, followed by the SchComm Legislative Forum at 6:30 tonight. Good info on tap; tune in to watch, or follow the tweets here #cpc0302
  • Nominations of D McNeil and C Feeley for chair; discussion amongst Committee before vote. #cpc0302
  • #cpc0302 Feeley voted as Chair, McNeil voted as Vice-chair, via roll call on both counts; monique Doyle nominated and voted as clerk of the committee Via roll call on clerk as well. All votes 9-0
  • Discussion non next steps being led by Town Administrator Jamie Hellen. BTW Town Clerk Nancy Danello swore the members in before this vote for chair, etc started. #cpc0302
  • #cpc0302 do have time to get organized and up to speed. They want to hear from other of the five represented Committees and get info on their arena, building consensus around 7 PM on 1st Tuesdays going forward
  • #cpc0302 discussion on recommendation or origination of a project? Usually recommend after getting amongst project to Town Council for their spending approval. May have some (if not most) meetings beginning Apr 6 at Council Chambers
  • Discussion on date/times for meetings, one vote for the calendar (done differently amongst Committees) once laid out for year. #cpc0302 move to adjourn, passes 9-0 via roll call Meeting ends, a good start! 
Community Preservation Committee holds inaugural meeting and organizes
Community Preservation Committee holds inaugural meeting and organizes

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