Sunday, February 28, 2021

March On!

It warms me. It warms me not.

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 02/28/2021 

March is so fickle.
Its promise – a tickle
of warmer days yet to unfold.
Yet, I remain wary
as temperatures vary
with tall mounds of snow getting old.

But, time finds a way to brighten each day
with a little more light in the end.
And the rising of hope on an ascending slope
of optimism that we transcend.

Lest we let down our guard to seek Springtime’s reward
as the Winter snows fly yet again. Ahead? Or, behind?
March should make up its mind 
about which season rules in the end.

For the coming of Spring is a time that can bring
a new lightness and joy to the heart.
Let this be the year that we be of good cheer
as the dark days of Winter depart.

In March we march on to greet April’s dawn
as our march of time cadence is led.
For time plays its arch
as we’re marching through March 
toward sunnier days just ahead.

With each vaccination we feel jubilation
to ease the emotional cost.
So let it be done
as we welcome the Sun
but, never forget those we lost.

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March On! (Franklin TV photo)
March On! (Franklin TV photo)

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