Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Pantherbook: "COVID-19’s Impact on FHS Faculty"


"COVID-19 has brought many schools new challenges and experiences which they have not faced before. Franklin High School principal, Joshua Hanna, says he is impressed with the students, parents, and facility’s hard work and positive attitude which he believes will allow us to get back to an in-person learning model.


When asked what major impact did Covid-19 have on FHS staff, Mr. Hanna responded, “becoming crisis responsive regarding new regulations that have never been implemented before.” Schools were shut down almost a year ago and since then, a myriad of new regulations and safety precautions have been issued. As a result, teachers had to get quickly accustomed to educating students in socially distant classrooms or virtual google meets."

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Pantherbook: "COVID-19’s Impact on FHS Faculty"
Pantherbook: "COVID-19’s Impact on FHS Faculty" (image by Amulya Chirravuri, Writer)

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