Friday, March 5, 2021

"pandemic baby bust" and "broadband access... an equity issue"

"Signs are pointing to a sizable pandemic baby bust" 

"The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the country into an economic recession and an unprecedented restructuring of our work and social lives. Early on, some likened the public health crisis to a blizzard, imagining that people would stay home, cozy up with their romantic partners and make babies.

These playful visions have given way to a more sobering reality: The pandemic’s serious disruption of people’s lives is likely to cause “missing births” — potentially a lot of them. Add these missing births to the country’s decade-long downward trend in annual births and we can expect consequential changes to our economy and society in the years to come. Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes."
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"broadband access... an equity issue"
"Newly confirmed US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Thursday the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted significant gaps in broadband Internet access across the country, and vowed to take a “bold” approach to expand that service.

In her first television interview as commerce secretary, the former Rhode Island governor said on MSNBC that her first order of business is getting Americans back to work after a year where unemployment skyrocketed because of restrictions implemented to curb the virus.

“We need to go fast and we need to go big,” Raimondo said, referring to broadband access. She called it an equity issue."
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