Monday, August 23, 2021

Time for Ice Cream! 2

Let’s Get Social  (almost!)
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director   08/22/2021

Our Socially Distant Ice-cream Social is still on for Wednesday at Davis Thayer. The fun days of Summer are winding down, and you can get vaccinated and get free ice-cream – before school starts. The weather is also looking good. Sunny and high 80’s. Perfect ice-cream weather.

Vaccinations for 12 and older, plus masks all contribute to our lower rates of COVID infection. Massachusetts is fairing better than many states thanks to the hard work of our local and state officials. We can all help ourselves, our families and our friends by embracing the notion that public health is more important than the minor inconvenience of masks and the extreme assertion of individual rights.

III. Policy Revisions & New Policies - New Discussion Item
A. EBCFA Masks-Face Coverings

The line item (A) above was one of several topics at a recent School subcommittee discussion. These are usually low-key, even sleepy affairs. Even though they are posted and open to the public, they take place to almost no one’s attention or concern, but this one produced a surprisingly virulent response over masking. Chambers was at capacity, with an additional remote 200 participants on Zoom.

The findings of this subcommittee will be taken up at the next School Committee meeting on August 24, 7 PM, and as usual, Franklin.TV will cover it live, and also make it available for On Demand replay.

In the meantime, do consider wearing a mask as an act of civic kindness, and getting vaccinated. We're doing all we can to help out. At our Vaxx and Ice-cream Social – we’re all chill.

Please register to be vaccinated  (either Pfizer or J&J):

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Ice Cream Social and Vaccine Clinic - Aug 25
Ice Cream Social and Vaccine Clinic - Aug 25

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