Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Planning Board Recap 9/27/21 - Housing Production Plan approved, hearings continued on 40 Alpine Row and 5 Fisher St

Quick Recap:
  • Public hearing on 40 Alpine Row discusses multiple updates and continues to Oct 18
  • Public hearing on 5 Fisher St discusses multiple items and continues to Oct 18
  • Public hearing on Housing Production Plan (HPP), after clarifications on the "plan" as being Town based/Town controlled (not State), still requiring much work to make happen, and that the Planning Board would still "get a bite at the apple", the HPP is approved 5-0 roll call vote
  • Site plan modification request to split 2 plots into 3 approved by 5-0 vote via roll call


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting live via the Zoom conference bridge.


The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #pb0927  https://twitter.com/search?q=%23pb0927&src=typed_query 

Planning Board agenda:


Planning board meeting documents:



Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album


  • Live reporting underway for the Planning Board meeting underway in Chambers and virtually via Zoom as well as live stream via local cable (Verizon or Comcast) #pb0927
  • Agenda doc and connection info here https://franklinma.gov/sites/g/files/vyhlif6896/f/agendas/september_27_2021_agenda.pdf… #pb0927 
  • Halligan recused himself from this first hearing as he is an abutter #pb0927
  • Engineer Mike Maglio comments on project changes #pb0927
  • Project update uses map on stand, diagrams also in PDF doc linked to with the agenda #pb0927
  • Discussion on easements for town sewer and drain lines thru property should be included as condition of certificate of occupancy #pb0927
  • Discussion on pavement levels they differ between parking lot and site plan requirements, to be looked at by developer. #pb0927
  • Additional questions and clarifications, will need to be continued to Oct 18. #pb0927 no others to speak, hearing closed vote via roll call. Associate available but only activated for special permit, not a site plan (as this is).
  • New hearing opens, same engineering team provides updates for the former Clark Cutler McDermott property on 5 Fisher St. Study being done for parking uses and what is expected. #pb0927
  • Multiple updates to comments and adjustments requested #pb0927
  • Items outstanding from Planning and Engineering, brewing/distillery drainage requires coordination with Charles River, food processing would be covered with DPW requirements and grease trap #pb0927
  • Discussion on storm water flows within lot, and supposedly reduced before going off and across the street. Exposure to our well from this discharge. To be resolved before they return #pb0927 no additional comments, to be continued to Oct 18
  • Discussion on parking and 'hiding' the parking as it increases in the front. Don't want to block too much as it would affect line of sight entering and exiting property. #pb0927
  • Motion to continue to 18th via roll call, passes 5-0 #pb0927
  • Next up, housing production plan, open the public hearing, waive reading of notice, passes via roll call 5-0 #pb0927 final version presented incorporates comments and meetings as the plan developed Planner Amy Love provides overview
  • Halligan has question for B Taberner (who is not present) if the plan is accepted, each item would still need to go to State before coming back to be executed each possible change thru normal process #pb0927 Amy was able to answer the question, this is a plan
  • State approval would like be months rather than weeks #pb0927 Planning Board chair concerned about Council making zoning overruling possible planning board decision. Discussion on intent vs. working language
  • Planning Board fearful of Council action overriding their preference, but for that to occur, PB would still be involved and decide, if then the Council tries to go over, there would still be discussions before a decision. #pb0927
  • This is a town plan, not State. Some members confused/fearful of state (ala Council) and really fearful of losing their own control. Any project needs to be approved by town with water, sewer, police, fire, etc. #pb0927 there is not town owned land to make this happen
  • It would be private land owners to make the deals, public hearing opens for public comment, M Morrengello (?) speaking for the housing plan, asking for a vote for affordable housing and seniors. #pb0927
  • B Wierling speaking for the housing plan as well, glad to hear the #pb0927 members had changed opinions from prior meetings. We were not educated enough in prior meetings. Close hearing, via roll call passes 5-0; motion to accept plan via roll, passes 5-0
  • Next up, street extension, waive reading, passes 5-0 via roll call, revision to plot plan of 2006, plan approved before as two lot, now owner looking for additional lot to be added #pb0927
  • According to private road covenant it was not intended to be plowed, town did not want ownership of road. Motion to close hearing, via roll call passes 5-0 #pb0927 
  • Motion to approve modification via roll call passes 5-0
  • Council candidate J Callaway-Tripp asking questions about the complete street plan and meeting last week, mostly protocol as she had no knowledge of it, it had already been approved. Also thinks that the EDC held the meeting, and it was a town meeting #pb0927
  • Meeting did adjourn via roll call vote,  passing 5-0; got distracted and almost forgot to close out the thread #pb0927

Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days


Planning Board Recap 9/27/21 - Housing Production Plan approved,  hearings continued on 40 Alpine Row and 5 Fisher St
Planning Board Recap 9/27/21 - Housing Production Plan approved,  hearings continued on 40 Alpine Row and 5 Fisher St

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