Wednesday, September 29, 2021

FHS PCC - Letter from Mr. Hanna - FHS Response To Hate Speech Graffiti


Dear Franklin High School Community,

I am deeply saddened to inform you that last week, graffiti saying “I Hate Gay People” and additional insensitive images were found scrawled into an exterior door on the East side of our building.  The graffiti was promptly removed and an investigation was immediately initiated.  Throughout the week we followed leads.  Through an exhaustive search, we were able to identify these individuals who are being held accountable.  I believe it is important to note that this was not done by an FHS student.  We will take appropriate steps to remedy the negative impact of these acts on the school community and restore a sense of safety and support for all.  

The fact that this graffiti was found at Franklin High School is far beyond disappointing.  It is extremely troubling and highly inconsistent with the inclusive culture we are committed to creating at Franklin High School.   Franklin High School is no place for hate.   I pledge to you continued vigilance in promoting and supporting a positive, hate-free, and safe school environment.  Last week, I presented the Franklin High School school improvement goals at the FPS school committee meeting and shared our plans to thoughtfully incorporate areas of diversity and inclusion into our daily lesson plans and long term unit designs.  

In response to this incident, we have reached out to SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Awareness Club), the Diversity Awareness Club, and the World of Difference Peer Leaders, to offer support and invite them to join us in raising awareness and provide opportunities for critical conversations and healing among students. Counselors are available to talk to any individual student wishing for support in the current moment.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the reporters who brought this to our attention.  It takes courage to call out acts of hate and it is a critical part of our growth as a truly safe and inclusive community.   As we move forward from this incident, please know that we are deeply committed to the goals that all students are safe and that all students develop empathy and respect for others. 


Joshua Hanna - Letter from Mr. Hanna


FHS PCC - Letter from Mr. Hanna - FHS Response To Hate Speech Graffiti
FHS PCC - Letter from Mr. Hanna - FHS Response To Hate Speech Graffiti

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