Sunday, January 30, 2022

Franklin TV: What Vaccination Does

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director  01/30/2022

When and how did ‘vaxx’ become a four-letter word for some folks? The vaccine has been fully approved for regular use for some time now. The stats bear out it’s effectiveness.  Easy-Peasy. What’s not to like?  Sign me up.  This graphic tells the tale of what vaccination does. It’s dramatic. (I’m vaxxed/boosted – and masked.)

Franklin TV: What Vaccination Does

There is no logic that justifies avoiding the vaccine. Unfortunately, we are now seeing how anti-vaxx disinformation and vitriol spreads beyond COVID to affect the uptake of other vaccines; notably the flu vaccine as well as the decades-long, customarily mandated shots for preschoolers. For a list, search: MA preschool vaccinations.  (Lots of shots.)

Anti-vaxxers argue that it’s about their personal freedoms. To that point – I ask a simple question. Who is truly more free: free of risk and worry?

You? Or me? Vaccination – it sets you free.
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