Friday, February 4, 2022

Recap: EDC Plus hears a more detailed outline of "Franklin For All" info gathering and Forum scheduled for March 7

Quick Recap:

  • The meeting effectively has two parts, one with the EDC plus group and one with just the core EDC subcommittee
  • The first part was an overview of the info gathering process leading to the first forum March 7
  • The second part of the meeting was a review of the goals for the subcommittee
  • The presentation doc is not yet posted so screen grabs of the pages captured during the meeting are available in the photo album
  • Audio of the meeting will be available in a couple of days



As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes remotely via the Zoom connection to the meeting


The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #edc0202 starting with this tweet

Photo album ->


Agenda document -

  • Shifting to #edc0202 meeting to report on that already on progress (It was scheduled to start at 5:45, I joined at 5:55 after the Board of Health meeting finished)
  • Explaining rationale for hybrid forum for Mar 7 session. #edc0202
  • Survey to solicit input post forum, sample Qs shown on slide #edc0202
  • Pause for Qs #edc0202
  • Will need to register even day of, for the remote/Zoom session, not required for in person attendance #edc0202
  • Housing production plan can help inform the discussion on zoning for more and affordable housing; zoning for economic development - what does it mean? Message formats on slide #edc0202
  • Looking to keep content coming through to the event to help provide info on zoning and inform the discussion, #edc0202 materials can also gather feedback
  • Build list of contacts with engagement on the material distribution #edc0202
  • Looking for #edc0202 committee to help with promotion within their circle of meetings and contacts
  • Outreach toolkit not meant to be static #edc0202
  • The study in 2003 did work downtown but did not address zoning at that time #edc0202  currently no financial carrots for the state guidelines on the zoning push for the MBTA
  • Audio format was raised by Chair Hamblen but I also tapped in to offer to help. #edc0202
  • Focus groups scheduled and one already completed to help gather specific info from targeted groups #edc0202 list being built for residents for that focus group. Focus groups would be 10-15 folks to enable the focus format, other inputs are available (survey)
  • Q of the population for the area in question? A - Not readily at hand but also would be looking at a projection for what it could be #edc0202
  • #edc0202 Emma of MAPC will be busy over the next month, about a dozen participated in the focus group session on Monday, doc will summarize the input from all of the focus groups in advance of the Forum
  • Moving to 2nd agenda item, #edc0202 the plus portion of EDC has left, leaving only the proper EDC present (along with remote attendance)
  • Master plan process will commence in 2023, open space plan update also next year. #edc0202 link to goals in meeting agenda doc
  • For example change of bylaw for commuter parking currently only set up for monthly, commuting has changed and requests are for other intervals #edc0202 motion to adjourn, passes


Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days


EDC Plus hears a more detailed outline of "Franklin For All" info gathering and Forum scheduled for March 7
EDC Plus hears a more detailed outline of "Franklin For All" info gathering and Forum scheduled for March 7

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