Saturday, February 5, 2022

Recap: Town Council discusses Old South Meeting House, formalizes Joint Budget Committee among key items

Quick recap:
  • The Council meeting began with a number of citizen comments about the student behavior and parking issues in the neighborhood around Dean College
  • Recognition of Priscilla Cornetta, founder of Friends of Franklin, along with three promotions within the Franklin Police Dept
  • Two alcohol license transactions were approved
  • Discussion on the Old South Meeting House results in steps to be taken to put out an RFP to see if someone would buy it from the Town
  • Approval of the Town Council procedures with some technical updates to bring into alignment with Mass general law and some to put into writing what actually had been the process, along with some minor modifications to bring enable better meeting management
  • Formalization of the Joint Budget Committee composed of representatives from the Town Council, School Committee and Finance Committee with an "'advisory" role. This should help with sharing the details on cost drivers among the key groups and community in developing the budget

My Town Council meeting notes taken via Twitter and captured along with the photos shared from the meeting in one PDF document

The audio recording will be available in a day or so.

View the notes via the embedded document (below) or via this link ->

Photos captured during the meetings (sone shared via Twitter, some not shared) can be found in one album ->


Recognition of Priscilla Cornetta, founder of Friends of Franklin
Recognition of Priscilla Cornetta, founder of Friends of Franklin

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