Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Recap: Franklin Housing Authority meeting 2/07/22

Quick recap:
  • The Franklin Housing Authority met on Monday, Feb 7 at 4:30 PM in the community room at Central Park terrace
  • Key item - waiting list has over 8 thousand individuals, only 300 odd are from Franklin. It is good t have Franklin a desirable community but we need more housing
  • The four units out of service from the fire in 2021 may be back online in March. Currently empty units being filled as applicants are vetted and arrangements confirmed
  • Revenue up over this time last year, attributed to better management of rental payments coordinating with residents on the timing of the Social Security funds, etc.
  • Director contract extended for 5 year term using current contract language. The DHCD template is in court being challenged on some of the provisions  and the resolution is not anticipated any time soon. Hence, the renewal of the current contract terms
Twitter thread of notes taken during meeting listed below
Audio of the meeting to be available in couple of days

  • Franklin Housing Authority meeting underway, recording in process, assuming gremlins are kept at bay, recording will be available in day or so #fha0207
  • Meeting agenda here -> #fha0207
  • Over 8K on waiting list for housing, 315 local residents on listing. #fha0207 revenue up about $11k year to date with 11 vacancies, 4 related to fire, a couple of units coming to use this week.
  • A TV unit is on in the background for resident use, hopefully won't mess with the recording too much. #fha0207
  • Motion to accept director report, second, next meeting March 7 (keeping it to Weds) motion as amended passes unanimously. #fha0207 motion to accept operation statement, seconded, auditor doing ok, passes unanimously.
  • No CPC update, anything under old business? No. Checking on other listings per agenda. Furnace replacement. Amount of bids exceed DHCD award to date but trying to adjust to fit within or increase accordingly #fha0207 board approval pending DHCD funding for 9 units - passes
  • Winter St emergency boiler replacement project #fha0207 may need to add a temporary unit to keep things going while replacement underway, expecting bids this week, have expedite approval motion approved unanimously
  • Tenant board member to fill the next vacant seat, working with Town Clerk and tenants to communicate and prepare accordingly, tenants would file application, be reviewed by Town Administrator, and ultimately approved by Town Council #fha0207
  • Ethics and DHCD training mandatory but board member is optional for tenant members #fha0207
  • Mgt agreement with Norfolk, value of contract increases, approval for $66k, Norfolk Board also to approve, passes unanimously, Board can approve allowance of 30% for executive for mgt of contract, approved unanimously; prior salary based upon 39.5 hours, #fha0207 5% increase on base per DHCD, first since 2017, motion to approve as allowed by DHCD, unanimously
  • Litigation regarding the DHCD template, looking to extend current agreement for Lisa for 5 years, rather than use the new template; no resolution likely to DHCD template anytime soon; best option to extend for now #fha0207 specific motion to be read in
  • Motion read, moved, second, passes unanimously; motion to adjourn, passes unanimously #fha0207 That's all for tonight catch you next time!
The Twitter thread can also be found in one PDF

Franklin Housing Authority
Franklin Housing Authority

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