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Friday, November 3, 2023

MetroWest Boston Visitors Bureau Announces New Executive Director

The MetroWest Boston Visitors Bureau (MBVB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Stacey David as their new Executive Director. Ms. David most recently served as Deputy Director of the Bureau, and previously served as a Board member for the organization, representing the arts and culture sector.

“We are so excited to have Stacey David as the new ED at the Visitors Bureau,” the MBVB Board of Directors said in a statement. “Stacey is such a strong leader and has already shown how she plans to positively impact the organization's effectiveness, visibility, and ability to promote the local area as a tourist destination. We are excited to watch her guide the Bureau to success by providing clear direction, building a strong team, and adapting to the evolving landscape of tourism.”

The MetroWest Boston Visitors Bureau promotes travel and tourism throughout the 19 towns of the MetroWest region, which includes Ashland, Bellingham, Framingham, Franklin, Holliston, Hopedale, Hopkinton, Hudson, Marlborough, Medway, Milford, Millis, Natick, Northborough, Sherborn, Southborough, Sudbury, Wayland, and Westborough. Affiliated with the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT), the MBVB conducts a number of marketing and advertising campaigns each year to draw both domestic and international visitors into the region, as well as enticing tour groups and meeting planners to consider MetroWest as a destination. The Bureau’s membership includes hotels, restaurants, area attractions, arts and cultural organizations, and retail establishments, all of which are promoted through the annual Visitors Guide and marketing campaigns.

“I am delighted to take over the helm of the Visitors Bureau,” Ms. David said, “and look forward to continuing the great work we started this year. We are continuing to expand our marketing and advertising programs, which include both ads and editorial coverage in Yankee magazine, Down East, Rhode Island Monthly, New Hampshire magazine, and Connecticut magazine, all of which highlight the amazing things to see and do in MetroWest. We launched a beautiful new Visitors Guide this summer, which can be found on our website as well as in visitor information booths all over New England. In conjunction with our partner tourism councils, we are working on a huge PR campaign as well as a digital marketing campaign. We have expanded our website, and will continue to do so, and hope that both residents and visitors see us as a resource for exploring MetroWest.”

MetroWest Boston Visitors Bureau Announces New  Executive Director
MetroWest Boston Visitors Bureau Announces New  Executive Director

Now that businesses are starting to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bureau has once again offered paid memberships that include a variety of benefits.

“We see ourselves as a partner to our members who can provide a wide variety of marketing and promotional assistance at a fraction of the cost were they to undertake the same campaigns on their own. Our members can participate in co-op advertising programs and other initiatives with very little investment on their part, either financially or through human resources. We love having engaged members because there are so many ways we can promote them.”

Residents and visitors can access the Bureau’s regional events calendar, attraction listings, and the Visitors Guide online at Businesses interested in more information on the Bureau, membership, and current marketing initiatives should email Stacey David at

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Addressing Hate in School Sports Statement from the MIAA and M.A.S.S - Addressed to School Superintendents

An Update from Executive Director Robert Baldwin
Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA)

"We are all deeply troubled by the dis-regulated behaviors that continue to occur in interscholastic athletics, our schools and in our communities. We know you join us in taking very seriously our responsibility to help instill in student athletes a commitment to behaving with the utmost respect and dignity.

Over the past two years in particular, our country has begun a profound reckoning on race and racism. Many of our schools and districts are grappling with these topics and striving to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. MASS and the
MIAA are committed to engaging deeply in this work, too - so that we can make a difference in eradicating racism and all other forms of bias and hatred.

One of the greatest benefits of interscholastic sports is the opportunity to meet and interact with students from other communities and backgrounds. It is essential that students and adults approach those interactions with respect and civility. We believe we have a significant opportunity to begin placing greater emphasis on some of our other core responsibilities - particularly educational athletics, which includes sportsmanship and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

On December 8, over 400 district leaders (superintendents, principals and athletic directors) participated in the Addressing Hate in School Sports Conference hosted by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office at the TD Garden. We are ready to initiate the next phase of this comprehensive plan with 13 regional trainings across Massachusetts. The two½ day trainings will be held on Friday and Saturday dates between March and May of this school year.

To be successful, a district training, comprised of a team of Superintendent, High School Principal, and Athletic Director that lead with one clear message regarding norms and expectations for behavior all sports programs, is imperative. The program delivered by the Northeastern Center for the Study of Sport in Society is designed to help this leadership team be better prepared to set the tone and expectations of your program to prevent incidents of bias, harassment, and discrimination - and to respond effectively to incidents when they do arise.

An email with the link to register for these trainings will be sent to you the week following February vacation. As superintendent for your district, you will be responsible for formally registering up to three district staff - preferably yourself, your High School Principal, and your Athletic Director - for attendance at one regional training. We are grateful for your leadership in encouraging your district's staff to prioritize attendance at these important trainings.

Let's begin the task of eradicating hate and bias to ensure that no one engaged in interscholastic athletics feels disrespected, unsafe, or unwelcome - on or off the playing fields. We believe that a united leadership utilizing the platform of interscholastic athletics can permeate our schools, communities, and society."

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Recap: Franklin Housing Authority meeting 2/07/22

Quick recap:
  • The Franklin Housing Authority met on Monday, Feb 7 at 4:30 PM in the community room at Central Park terrace
  • Key item - waiting list has over 8 thousand individuals, only 300 odd are from Franklin. It is good t have Franklin a desirable community but we need more housing
  • The four units out of service from the fire in 2021 may be back online in March. Currently empty units being filled as applicants are vetted and arrangements confirmed
  • Revenue up over this time last year, attributed to better management of rental payments coordinating with residents on the timing of the Social Security funds, etc.
  • Director contract extended for 5 year term using current contract language. The DHCD template is in court being challenged on some of the provisions  and the resolution is not anticipated any time soon. Hence, the renewal of the current contract terms
Twitter thread of notes taken during meeting listed below
Audio of the meeting to be available in couple of days

  • Franklin Housing Authority meeting underway, recording in process, assuming gremlins are kept at bay, recording will be available in day or so #fha0207
  • Meeting agenda here -> #fha0207
  • Over 8K on waiting list for housing, 315 local residents on listing. #fha0207 revenue up about $11k year to date with 11 vacancies, 4 related to fire, a couple of units coming to use this week.
  • A TV unit is on in the background for resident use, hopefully won't mess with the recording too much. #fha0207
  • Motion to accept director report, second, next meeting March 7 (keeping it to Weds) motion as amended passes unanimously. #fha0207 motion to accept operation statement, seconded, auditor doing ok, passes unanimously.
  • No CPC update, anything under old business? No. Checking on other listings per agenda. Furnace replacement. Amount of bids exceed DHCD award to date but trying to adjust to fit within or increase accordingly #fha0207 board approval pending DHCD funding for 9 units - passes
  • Winter St emergency boiler replacement project #fha0207 may need to add a temporary unit to keep things going while replacement underway, expecting bids this week, have expedite approval motion approved unanimously
  • Tenant board member to fill the next vacant seat, working with Town Clerk and tenants to communicate and prepare accordingly, tenants would file application, be reviewed by Town Administrator, and ultimately approved by Town Council #fha0207
  • Ethics and DHCD training mandatory but board member is optional for tenant members #fha0207
  • Mgt agreement with Norfolk, value of contract increases, approval for $66k, Norfolk Board also to approve, passes unanimously, Board can approve allowance of 30% for executive for mgt of contract, approved unanimously; prior salary based upon 39.5 hours, #fha0207 5% increase on base per DHCD, first since 2017, motion to approve as allowed by DHCD, unanimously
  • Litigation regarding the DHCD template, looking to extend current agreement for Lisa for 5 years, rather than use the new template; no resolution likely to DHCD template anytime soon; best option to extend for now #fha0207 specific motion to be read in
  • Motion read, moved, second, passes unanimously; motion to adjourn, passes unanimously #fha0207 That's all for tonight catch you next time!
The Twitter thread can also be found in one PDF

Franklin Housing Authority
Franklin Housing Authority

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Introductory conversation with the new Senior Center leadership team - 01/26/22 (audio)

FM #713 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 713 in the series. 

This session of the radio show shares my conversation with Danielle Hopkins. the new Director for the Franklin Senior Center and Christina LaRose, the new Deputy Director.  We talk about their first couple of weeks in their new roles at the Senior Center. 

You’ll hear how each of them came to this role and from their backgrounds how well they are fitting together. Much learning and listening underway with good ideas for reopening the cafĂ© and then adjusting/expanding programs to meet the needs of the community.

The recording runs about 18 minutes, so let’s listen to my conversation with Danielle and Christina. Audio file ->


Franklin Senior Center

Senior Center Connections newsletter


We are now producing this in collaboration with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( or 102.9 on the Franklin area radio dial.  

This podcast is my public service effort for Franklin but we can't do it alone. We can always use your help.


How can you help?

  • If you can use the information that you find here, please tell your friends and neighbors

  • If you don't like something here, please let me know

Through this feedback loop we can continue to make improvements. I thank you for listening.

For additional information, please visit or

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The music for the intro and exit was provided by Michael Clark and the group "East of Shirley". The piece is titled "Ernesto, manana"  c. Michael Clark & Tintype Tunes, 2008 and used with their permission.

I hope you enjoy!


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Introductory conversation with the new Senior Center leadership team - 01/26/22 (audio)
Introductory conversation with the new Senior Center leadership team - 01/26/22 (audio)

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Recap: Senior Center new Director and Deputy introduced to Council on Aging (audio)

  • Town Administrator Jamie Hellen introduced the new Senior Center Director Danielle Hopkins and Deputy Director Christina LaRose to Council on Aging
  • First day was yesterday and they are back so that is good. Christina to primarily handle day to day, Danielle to focus on personnel, long term planning Lots to do
  • Posted for chef and deputy chef, not likely to fulfill until late Feb/Mar so cafe will be down for a period. Looking to bring back and improve things when they do
  • Assessment of programs which are working and should continue, which are not and maybe stop; survey to gather input on wants/needs
  • Redefine the role of the Council, had not been part of the program process before, would like to be more than 'rubber stamp' approval; next COA meeting to look into the COA scope, mission, etc. Need to have full COA membership involved
  • Friends of Franklin Elders would like accounting for what they have provided and look to help as things go forward
  • "best meeting since I've been on the board"

Meeting agenda =>

Link to Council on Aging (including membership) ->

  • Ready for live reporting of the #coa0111 Council on Aging meeting about to begin
  • Town administrator Jamie Hellen arrives and meeting commences. Introduces new Senior Center director Danielle Hopkins. Deputy director Christina LaRoche also introduced. They provide their background #coa0111
  • Correction LaRose not LaRoche #coa0111
  • Round of intros of attendees, only folks on Zoom had appeared to be nefarious folks and removed. #coa0111
  • Deputy director added to senior center to bring alignment with other town Dept. Had been gradually building budget with part-time resources #coa0111
  • Christina to primarily handle day to day, Danielle to focus on personnel, long term planning, etc #coa0111 Yesterday was first day on job, so getting a feel for it
  • Job posted yesterday for chef and kitchen manager. Will take time to fulfill role. #coa0111 cleaning was done, broken furniture taken care of, additional inspection of equipment while 'down time' is here.
  • Desire for better accounting on the ins/outs. Likely not reopening until later Feb/Mar. Kitchen folks had not been part of the tax work off program, looking for better volunteer structure. #coa0111 pandemic is major factor for cafe operations
  • Tri-county maybe more formally helping to support the food service, how about the public schools? They already serve the students with 10 kitchens, this could be "1" more. At leverage where possible the ops program they have with weekend backpack for students ...
  • Seniors have food needs on the weekend also. #coa0111 had been only 'rubber stamping' ops, would like to be more involved in programming, and then communications, and plans for execution. COA is rather loose.
  • Some things work, some things not so well, there are a lot of opinions; need to survey and assess to plan accordingly. Statement on COA read, motion to redefine at next meeting, second, passes (not sure of #) #coa0111
  • New office will work with COA to determine agenda, gets posted to Town page, and then shared via all channels. GATRA is only one of many topics that can use help in getting the word out. Some use phone, internet, computer, others don't #coa0111
  • Printed copies made available at stores, etc. Where possible and made aware of. #coa0111 Friends needs feedback on gifts to Senior Center, provided gift cards at Christmas for distribution. Who got them? Tri-county did print work for COA, newsletter etc.
  • Friends have more than $49k to help support operations. Annual fund raising generally gets $25k (+/-). Need to do labels for this year's mailing. #coa0111 "best meeting since I've been on the board"
  • Need all members engaged in the scope discussion at the next meeting #coa0111 reinforce the sign in process to ensure better counts
  • Motion to adjourn, second, passes #coa0111
Recap: Senior Center new Director and Deputy introduced to Council on Aging (audio)
Recap: Senior Center new Director and Deputy introduced to Council on Aging (audio)

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Franklin Council on Aging - Meeting Agenda - Jan 11, 2022 - 10 AM

Franklin Council on Aging - Meeting Agenda
Jan 11, 2022 = 10:00 AM

Meeting will be held at the Senior Center, 10 Daniel McCahill Street

1. Call to order; 10:00 a.m.
2. Minutes of last meeting
3. Introductions of new Director and Deputy Director
4. Common Grounds Cafe update
5. Role of the Council on Aging
a. General Role of the COA
b. Senior Center five year strategic Plan
6. FOFE Liason Report
7. Chairperson’s Comments
8. Citizen’s Comments
9. Adjournment

Next Meeting - Feb 8, 2022

Franklin Council on Aging - Meeting Agenda - Jan 11, 2022 - 10 AM
Franklin Council on Aging - Meeting Agenda - Jan 11, 2022 - 10 AM

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

FM #576 - Erin Rogers, Senior Center Special Events Outlook for Jul/Aug - 06/23/21 (audio)

FM #576 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 576 in the series. 

This session of the radio show shares my conversation with Erin Rogers. Erin is currently the Executive Director for the Franklin Senior Center.  She replaced Karen Alves when Karen retired last year.

We talk about her transition to Executive Director in the middle of COVID-19. We talk about the variety of special events and activities scheduled for July and August. The regular event calendar with specific dates and time details can be found on the Senior Center page..

The recording runs about 21 minutes, so let’s listen to my conversation with Erin.

*** Audio file ->


Franklin Senior Center

Senior Center Connections newsletter


We are now producing this in collaboration with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( or 102.9 on the Franklin area radio dial.  

This podcast is my public service effort for Franklin but we can't do it alone. We can always use your help.


How can you help?

  • If you can use the information that you find here, please tell your friends and neighbors

  • If you don't like something here, please let me know

Through this feedback loop we can continue to make improvements. I thank you for listening.

For additional information, please visit or

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The music for the intro and exit was provided by Michael Clark and the group "East of Shirley". The piece is titled "Ernesto, manana"  c. Michael Clark & Tintype Tunes, 2008 and used with their permission.

I hope you enjoy!


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Erin Rogers, Senior Center Special Events Outlook for Jul/Aug
Erin Rogers, Senior Center Special Events Outlook for Jul/Aug

Friday, April 2, 2021

Spring Update From Franklin Food Pantry - Tina Powderly

Letter From Tina

As I wrap up my first month as the new Executive Director for The Pantry, I want to say hello and share some updates with you. First, I’m overwhelmed with the generosity and spirit of this community. As a Board member, I was of course aware of Franklin’s magnanimity but now having the opportunity to see it daily, I’m in awe by all you do for our neighbors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Pantry is busier than ever as we enter our second year of the “new normal.” In 2020, we saw almost 20% more households than in 2019; 34% of those new faces were children.  We met this need in a variety of ways:  

Tina Powderly
Tina Powderly

  • Twice weekly drive- up distribution, providing shelf stable foods, fresh produce and protein options.  
  • Choice Tables, set up on nice weather days (yes they are coming!) where neighbors select additional hard to come by items.   
  • Weekly Weekend Backpack Program for all Franklin elementary and middle schools, helping students who face food insecurity over the weekend.   
  • New home delivery program for neighbors who weren’t able to visit us due to Covid-19.

We are hard at work planning our reimagined spring and summer events like the annual Empty Bowls and Party for the Pantry. Both events will happen – please see below for details!

As a largely volunteer-based organization, we continue to look for creative ways to engage our volunteers safely. We are grateful to our current bag assemblers, distributers, home delivery and mobile pantry drivers and truck unloaders. If you are a volunteer and haven’t been back yet, please know that we can’t wait to have you back and will be in touch as capacity restrictions loosen.  And to the many new folks who are interested in volunteering – we hope to open up new opportunities soon as well.  

Finally, we continue working on opening our new building at 138 East Central Street. Our architect and engineer are in the midst of designing a Pantry that will positively impact the Franklin community for many years.   New building updates are on our website.  

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to contact me ( 

With so much thanks and appreciation,

Tina Powderly
Executive Director, Franklin Food Pantry  


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Changes at the Franklin Food Pantry


We hope this email finds you well and you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Life at The Pantry remains as busy as ever as we continue to provide our neighbors with fresh fruit and vegetables, proteins, and shelf-stable items. We are so grateful for your continued support over the past year, we could not continue to do the good work we do without you. While things may look a little different at The Pantry right now, our community is still such an important part of our organization and we wanted to share some internal changes with you.

We are pleased to announce that the Chair of the Board of Directors, Tina Powderly, will become our Executive Director and that Lynn Calling will move to the newly created position of Director of Development and Community Engagement. 

Tina Powderly
Tina Powderly

In her new role, Lynn will be spending her time on the new building Capital Campaign as well as work more closely with the individuals, groups and corporations who contribute to our mission. Tina will be responsible for the day-to-day Pantry operations and long-term strategic goals. Besides Tina’s move, our Board will remain the same with our current Treasurer, Jim Roche serving as the Interim Chair. These changes will take effect on March 1, 2021.

While this past year has been a challenge, we are proud of how we have continued to serve our neighbors. We surprised our neighbors with restaurant and supermarket gift cards, fresh flowers, special treats, and a choice table. We instituted weekly kids bags for families during the pandemic and still were able to do our annual Thanksgiving and winter holiday distribution. We continued a twice weekly drive-up distribution service so that even during the darkest days of the pandemic, our neighbors did not go hungry.

If you have any questions about The Pantry or just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at either: Tina Powderly or Lynn Calling. We look forward to a bright future and a reimagined Pantry!


Tina Powderly and Lynn Calling 
Franklin Food Pantry

Changes at the Franklin Food Pantry
Changes at the Franklin Food Pantry

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Franklin Food Pantry: Letter from Lynn Calling

Dear Pantry Friends

Happy Fall!  I hope that this message finds you and your loved ones feeling well, staying healthy, and enjoying new ways of doing some of the activities (some of which you will read about in this month's newsletter!) that we've always done during this time of the year.  Life looks different now, but it is becoming our new normal. I have heard so many people talk about how hard 2020 has been...  and it hasn't been easy - I agree!  But if I had to choose two words to describe 2020, I would use the words flexibility and kindness.  I have learned from so many of you - our dedicated staff members, volunteers, donors, neighbors, and partners.  

Flexibility.  The team at the Pantry has been incredibly flexible over the past few months.  When so many organizations, businesses, schools, and companies had to close their doors, we kept ours open.  We had to re-envision the Pantry - our "open doors" were open for us to leave the building and bring the Pantry outside and place food in our neighbor's car trunks, shopping carts, or drop at their front doors.  We had to ask our over 50 volunteers to stay home and stay safe, while our small Pantry staff flexed their schedules to best reach the needs of our neighbors.  That meant standing outside for 4-8 hours a couple of times a week safely welcoming people driving up to us and asking them to "please pop your trunk," and place a few bags of food in their cars.  Flexibility also meant creating 2 separate teams of people who would come into the Pantry and designated days to pack bags, make phone calls, deliver food to neighbors so that our staff could still operate in the event someone became ill.  It also meant juggling home and work life as we, like so many businesses, held team meetings from home while children were attending school in another room or while we may be caring for or checking in on an elderly neighbor.  This team has been nothing but flexible in reimagining the Pantry and making sure that we were still here to provide food for anyone who found themselves needing an extra hand.  

  That has been shown to the Pantry over and over - pre-Covid and, especially, over the last few months.  Through the kindness and generosity of our friends, we have been able to continue to operate and offer our neighbors fresh and healthy food throughout the pandemic and for the foreseeable future.  When we posted our current needs on our website, you answered our call immediately.  Your financial support has been appreciated as well.   While many of our retail partners struggled to keep products on their own shelves, our store donations decreased. We therefore had to purchase more food in order to ensure our neighbors continued receiving high quality, fresh produce, dairy and proteins. Our shelf stable bags contain items that would last a week or more while including hard to get items like toilet paper and paper towels. So many community members sewed masks and donated them to us so that our staff would be safe while working, and also shared enough to give to our neighbors as they drove through our lines.  There were numerous fundraisers held to raise money and spread awareness about the Food Pantry.  For those reasons, and so many more, we are grateful for your kindness and support.

In the midst of the Pandemic we were also able to purchase a new building to help bring our Pantry into the next phase of being able to better serve our neighbors. That purchase has prompted some people to ask, "If you can afford a building, why should I continue to give to the Pantry?" Because of the generosity of our community, we were able to put down a down payment and qualify for a mortgage. We will be announcing a capital campaign soon. In the meantime,  we ask for your support so that we can continue growing and serving our neighbors with dignity, respect, and pride.  

Our mission is to alleviate food insecurity and compassionately empower our community through resources and collaboration.  This mission can only be accomplished through the collective effort of our community.  It is because of your collective support that we have been able to save enough money to purchase our own space.  This new space will allow us to continue working towards our mission, while also focusing on our vision of building a community in which everyone in need has an improved quality of life through nutritious food and supportive resources.  We have always been, and always will be, so much more than a place where one can come for food. We are also a place where people come to check in and socialize, learn about other programs, or simply find a friendly face that will be welcome without judgement.  And it is because of your support that we will continue to serve the community, our neighbors, partners, and friends in a new space that belongs to every neighbor who walks through our doors.  

We cannot do it alone.  When you make a gift to the Pantry, you are making a difference today, as well as for the future of Franklin.  Every dollar donated helps the Pantry purchase fresh produce, household supplies, toiletries, grocery store gift cards, and so much more.  Your gift is also going to help us build a Pantry where everyone feels welcome.  Your generosity allows us to provide these basic necessities to our neighbors while also providing the validation that the whole community is behind them.  While we are doing the daily work at the Pantry, you are here with us each and every day.  No one is ever alone.   

So as we approach the final few months of 2020, we just want to say thank you. Thank you for your support over this challenging year and we look forward to what we can do in the future, together.

With Appreciation, 
Lynn Calling
Franklin Food Pantry: Letter from Lynn Calling
Franklin Food Pantry: Letter from Lynn Calling


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Metrowest Visitors Bureau Announces New Executive Director - Erin Lynch

The MetroWest Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce Erin Lynch of Franklin as its new executive director, effective immediately. 

“We are excited to welcome Erin to the organization. She has a solid background of professional achievements working in the MetroWest region. Her enthusiasm, experience and skill set makes her the right candidate to lead the Visitors Bureau. The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce has a long history of working together with the MetroWest Visitors Bureau and we look forward to our continued collaboration with both Erin and Jill Schindler who has been serving as Interim Executive Director.” Says Jim Giammarinaro, Board Treasurer and Search Committee member.

Lynch holds a B.S. in Recreation Management and Tourism from Arizona State University, National Certification in Nonprofit Management, and International Certification in Group Facilitation from the Institute of Cultural Affairs. She brings twenty years of leadership experience focused on collaborative community initiatives.

An alum of the MetroWest Health Foundation’s Health Leadership Program and former Executive Director of the Franklin Food Pantry, her work with the Healthy Futures project continues to serve as a model for hunger relief organizations throughout Massachusetts. The collaborative effort garnered a VIP visit to the White House during the Obama administration. Previously Lynch secured and administered the Arizona Department of Economic Security Volunteer Services contract, and served as Executive Director of the Maddie’s Project, a strategic alliance which secured a multi-million-dollar community grant for the Phoenix area.

Schindler is looking forward to resuming her role as Outreach and Development Director. According to the Bureau’s Board Chair Steve Levinsky, “The Bureau owes a huge debt of gratitude to Jill for stepping up during this past year of transition. She worked tirelessly taking on two jobs at once, ensuring the successful production of our Annual Visitor’s Guide and MetroFest 2019.” Schindler was honored by the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce in November with the Peter Barbieri “Service Above Self” Award.

Follow the Bureau on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @VisitMetroWest for the latest MetroWest happenings. Stay tuned for the soon to be released 2020 MetroWest Visitor’s Guide which will be circulated throughout the region. Save the date for the annual MetroFest on June 13, 2020.

About the MetroWest Visitors Bureau
The Bureau’s mission is to stimulate the MetroWest economy by marketing the region's assets to visitors and residents. Through 2010 legislation proposed by current Senate President Karen E. Spilka, the MWVB was designated as the state’s 16th Regional Tourism Council (RTC), making it eligible for state funding through the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.
The MetroWest Visitors Bureau serves organizations and businesses in 30 municipalities throughout MetroWest and its bordering towns. For more information, including a complete list of towns designated as “MetroWest” in the state legislation please visit

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Franklin Food Pantry: New Executive Director Announced

After a regional search, we are excited to announce the hiring of Lynn Calling as Franklin Food Pantry's new Executive Director, effective June 24, 2019. Lynn has almost 20 years of experience working in non-profit organizations, higher education, and community-based organizations, which includes the Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children (MAAEYC), Green Schools Alliance and the MIT Alumni Association. 

Lynn specializes in volunteer management, fundraising, community outreach, and program management and development. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, from The University of Connecticut. Lynn also serves as Vice Chair on the Board of Governors of the East Bridgewater Branch of the Old Colony YMCA.

According to Franklin Food Pantry Board of Directors Chair Tina Powderly, "Lynn's leadership in nonprofit management and fund development will serve the Franklin Food Pantry and our clients well. We are in a period of growth with several key strategic initiatives to implement in the near term. Lynn is uniquely qualified to lead us through these important developments and is a highly mission-driven individual who cares deeply for her constituents as well as her staff. We are privileged to have her as the next Executive Director of the Franklin Food Pantry."

Visit the Food Pantry online to donate or volunteer

Franklin Food Pantry: New Executive Director Announced
Franklin Food Pantry: New Executive Director Announced