Sunday, February 20, 2022

Recap: Town Council views 4 police new hires, discusses Dean neighborhood parking issue; hears about diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the schools

Quick recap:
  • Four new hires for the Police Dept. were introduced to the community when they were sworn in publicly at the Town Council meeting Wednesday night. They were pinned by family members
  • Chief TJ Lynch provided a recap of the Dean College & West St neighborhood parking issues and Lt Riley provided an update on the recent efforts to quantify the problems. Ultimately, this was referred to the Economic Development Subcommittee for further evaluation on a possible increase of parking fees
  • Supt Sara Ahern and Asst Supt Lucas Giguere provided a summary of the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts underway across the Franklin Public Schools. A slightly longer version of the presentation was held at the School Committee meeting on Feb 8
  • Town Administrator Jamie Hellen was reviewed and provided feedback as "exemplary" during the prior two year period, primarily during the pandemic
  • The fiscal policies were modified slightly, one with the inclusion of the debt stabilization policy developed during 2021, and two with some adjustments on where the funds would be applied (operational budget vs. stabilization fund in the case of the hotel receipts)
Photos captured during the meeting can be found in one album

The meeting agenda ->

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion presentation -> 

My notes taken via Twitter ca be found in this ThreadReader PDF ->


Town Council views 4 police new hires being sworn in
Town Council views 4 police new hires being sworn in

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