Wednesday, February 23, 2022

MA State House News: Baker differs on tax breaks; Auditor says communities should get support to run elections

Via CommonWealth Magazine, we find these share worthy: 

"GOV. CHARLIE BAKER told lawmakers on Tuesday that Massachusetts can easily afford his package of $700 million in tax cuts, and the state needs some of the changes benefitting higher-income taxpayers to prevent them from moving elsewhere.

“Not only can we afford this tax relief proposal, we believe it’s time to give Massachusetts families back some of the tax revenue that they created through their hard work,” Baker told the Legislature’s Revenue Committee at a hybrid hearing held in person and virtually on the first day the State House was open in nearly two years.

The tax relief package in some sense pits a Republican governor against a Democrat-controlled Legislature whose leaders to date have not made reducing taxes a high priority. During the hearing, Democratic lawmakers focused most of their attention on the governor’s proposed reductions in the estate tax and the income tax on short-term capital gains — two taxes that benefit wealthier individuals. They suggested the money for those tax breaks could be better spent on reducing taxes paid by lower-income taxpayers."

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"THE STATE WILL OWE cities and towns more than $2 million to keep polling places open for additional mandated voting hours during the September 2022 state primary and November 2022 general elections, Auditor Suzanne Bump said Tuesday.

Under the 1983 Uniform Polling Hours Law, cities and towns must keep polling locations open for at least 13 hours on primary and general election days, an increase from the previously-required 10 hours of voting. The law also directs the auditor to certify what offering the extra hours will cost municipalities with the costs to be paid through the secretary of state’s office."

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