Sunday, March 6, 2022

Franklin TV: Finding Ben Franklin, Part 6

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/06/2022

The Review:

Our original quest for Ben in 2012 was simply to address the need to reasonably reproduce his likeness on signage and TV by creating a proxy of the Town Seal. When blown up on an HDTV screen – not a visually pleasing representation

Our approach was simple; work with the most public image. Ben’s engraving on the hundred dollar bill was our source as an image in the public domain.

However, the U.S. mint’s printing is intended to make reproduction (counterfeiting) difficult. Our 2012 engraved image (right) has these reproduction limitations. When we reduce its resolution or its size it falls apart.

Our 2022 Ben quest took us to the source of the Mint’s version – the Duplessis portrayals. We started with a blank canvas – to reinterpret, repaint and reconstruct Ben’s likeness from scratch for modern digital publication in many forms.

Our modern interpretation of Ben Franklin is slightly younger. His image has been reilluminated, and his countenance is a bit less formal, more approachable. Our last step will be to reduce all of this detail and nuance to the limits of a notary seal. The Reveal (so far):

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Finding Ben Franklin, Part 6
Finding Ben Franklin, Part 6

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