Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Franklin Education Association (FEA) statement at School Committee meeting 3/08/22

Thank you for this opportunity to speak on behalf of the membership of the FEA to the important issue of the budget. You've just heard Dr. Ahern's presentation.

We also support an increase in the budget and wonder if it shouldn't be a bigger increase, but for different reasons.

We've heard about the Portrait of a Graduate and the strategies for district improvement - both important topics. Over the  last few pandemic years, we've seen money spent on needed upgrades in technology and facilities improvements. Both good things, things that were necessary. Things that were needed.

We're asking you now to look at how that budget money is spent. We don't need any more assessments, or new initiatives, to tell us kids have learning gaps or social trauma. We know this. This is what we do. We need bodies - people who are working with and in front of the kids, everyday, all day. We need councilors, ESPs, health care staff, teachers, guidance, team chairs, special educators, ELL educators, psychologists, etc. Let's increase that budget so we can support the students and families in Franklin the way they  deserve  -  directly,  thoughtfully, impactfully.

Thank you.
Donna Grady, FEA President


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Franklin Education Association (FEA)
Franklin Education Association (FEA)

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