Friday, March 11, 2022

An Update from Your Congressman Jake Auchincloss on "three significant developments"



Hello, I'm your representative in Congress, and I write to keep you informed.

I want to share with you three significant developments since I last wrote. 

State of the Union Address 
Last week, I attended President Biden's State of the Union address. President Biden laid out a hopeful message about putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, building a stronger economy, and protecting democracy at home and abroad. This speech was a clarion call that the free world is going to rally behind the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is not alone in their fight against totalitarianism and unprovoked aggression. 

If you are interested in learning what a day in the life of a congressman looks like during the State of the Union, you can watch my recent video.

Recent Developments Regarding Ukraine 
As we watch tragedy unfold in Ukraine, I am in awe of the resilience of the Ukrainian people. Despite the overwhelming size of the Russian military, the Ukrainians are fighters, courageously defending their homeland. I joined many of you in Attleboro to stand in solidarity with Ukraine

I voted to support legislation to deliver military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but our assistance must go further. We had a saying in the Marine Corps, "everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face." Putin has taken body blows through sanctions, but he hasn't yet been punched in the face. An internationally coordinated ban on Russian oil, with greater lethal & civil support for Ukraine, packs the punch that President Putin deserves. I urge our allies to join us.

While backfilling Russian oil in the short term, we must use the oil embargo as an opportunity to further invest in the clean energy sector. Not only is clean energy the fastest growing job sector in the United States and good for our planet, it can provide us with energy independence. We recently passed the America COMPETES Act in the House of Representatives. This bill would help build a resilient and efficient electrical grid, and provide funding for clean energy research. Additionally, the House just passed government funding legislation that includes over $14 billion of investments into clean energy and science to develop and implement clean, affordable, and reliable American energy. With energy independence, we can protect our economy, as well as our strategic interests.

Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis
I have only been a congressman for one year and a parent for two, but I am committed for the long haul to improving children's socioemotional wellbeing. It is a special responsibility I have as the youngest parent in the House Democratic caucus.

In a recent op-ed, I put forth suggestions for tackling the youth mental health crisis. We should keep our schools open and functioning normally, provide kids with richer context and more agency, and expand youth services.

This week, I hosted a Facebook Live with Bridge Over Troubled Waters' Elisabeth Jackson, CEO, and Peter Ducharme, Director of Clinical Services. Bridge Over Troubled Waters is a Boston-based agency providing needed services for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth. The agency offers a variety of programs, from career development to emergency residence and street outreach. Ms. Jackson and Mr. Ducharme emphasized the importance of expanding youth services. Too often, there are not enough resources or providers to support youth in crisis. In Congress, I will work to increase these vital services.

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