Friday, March 11, 2022

Yes, photo images can create problems for boys too

"What Is ‘Bigorexia’?
A social media diet of perfect bodies is spurring some teenage boys to form muscle dysmorphia."
"Like many high school athletes, Bobby, 16, a junior from Long Island, has spent years whipping his body into shape through protein diets and workouts.

Between rounds of Fortnite and homework, Bobby goes online to study bodybuilders like Greg Doucette, a 46-year-old fitness personality who has more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. Bobby also hits his local gym as frequently as six days a week.

“Those guys made me realize I wanted to get bodies like them and post stuff like them,” said Bobby, who has fluffy curls of dark hair and the compact frame of a gymnast. (The New York Times is not publishing the surnames of minors or the names of their parents in this article to protect their privacy.)"
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Yes, the photo images create problems for boys too
Yes, the photo images create problems for boys too

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