Friday, April 8, 2022

Great summary of the MBTA community zoning initiative

While we wait patiently for MAPC to share the documents the showed at the Economic Development Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 6, we can also review this thread from Clark Ziegler, Executive Director of the MA Housing Partnership ( A great summary of the MBTA community zoning initiative.

Link to the Twitter thread (PDF) ->

Embedded PDF doc to read

photo of one of the pages of the presentation shared on Weds evening
photo of one of the pages of the presentation shared on Weds evening

Additional slides from the portion of the meeting I was able to attend. Had been late to this session as I was covering the Board of Health meeting upstairs in the Municipal Bldg.

  • Note 1 - Communication is best facilitated when the audience is prepared to discuss the topic at hand. Audience preparation is critical to a worthy and productive dialog. Sharing information in advance of the meeting (especially when the info is loaded with details) is much more productive than teasing the audience and forcing a delay in interaction or dealing with speculation about the intent of the data. 
  • Note 2 - the audio recording of the meeting will be available along with the transcript so that those who did participate can return to review details, and those who were unable to do so at the time, can also hear what was covered.

    1. What will be the effect of this on Franklin?

    2. To be determined. One of the reasons the MAPC effort for the "Franklin for All" project is underway. There is an overview from the Town planning perspective scheduled for the Town Council meeting this Wednesday (4/13/22)