Saturday, April 9, 2022

Jake Auchincloss: An Update from Your Congressman


Hello, I'm your representative in Congress, and I write to keep you informed.

Since I last wrote, I've worked to continue our global progress against COVID-19, hold China accountable, and advocate for our District's priorities.

The Global Race Between Vaccinations and Variants
One of my top priorities in Congress is protecting the health and safety of my constituents. That means getting as many people vaccinated as possible – here and around the world. The House of Representatives recently passed a $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill that would fund the government through Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. Recognizing the ongoing impact of COVID-19, this package initially included $15 billion to prepare for and prevent future variants. As a Co-Chair of the Global Vaccination Caucus, I worked hard to secure this funding; however, this critical funding was removed from the budget before it passed.

I vocally opposed the removal of this funding. To move forward, I support the passage of standalone legislation that would fund the procurement of antiviral medication, as well as research at the NIH to develop vaccines that protect against future variants. This legislation must include funding for Global VAX, an initiative to increase global vaccination rates.

I have been a strong proponent of funding global vaccinations and will continue to be as Congress works on finalizing this funding. I introduced a Marshall Plan to commit American financial and technical resources toward this purpose. I have also stood with my fellow co-chairs of the Global Vaccination Caucus to support $5 billion in funding to vaccinate the world.

Holding China Accountable for its Support of Russia
Globally, we must blockade Russian energy exports to hold them accountable for their invasion of Ukraine. Oil, gas, and coal provide hundreds of billions of dollars to fund Putin's barbaric war machine. And yet, China continues to insist that its friendship with the Kremlin knows no limits.

China is on the wrong side of history. I believe that China must enforce a blockade or face significant consequences. I have strongly supported efforts to weaken Russia's economy and hold Putin accountable, including by voting to pass bills that would impose an embargo on Russian oil and end the United States' permanent normal trade relations with Russia.

Advocating for the Fourth District
Last week, I stood with the district and voted against a provision in the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act that could cost thousands of offshore wind jobs in Massachusetts and set back our nation's transition toward clean energy. Our district and our state are uniquely positioned to lead in offshore wind development, with the South Coast seeing massive potential from the industry. Offshore wind presents an opportunity to propel job growth and economic development, while charting a sustainable path forward. As a result of my advocacy alongside Rep. Bill Keating, the Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee committed to working to ensure offshore wind jobs and development are not negatively impacted in the final version of the bill.

I also joined my constituents in standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We must continue to show up for as long as this crisis demands. We must be committed for the long haul to protecting and rebuilding a strong, sovereign, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine.

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