Monday, June 20, 2022

Community Preservation Act funding scheduled for Town Council approval - June 22

Why is there a Community Preservation Committee meeting scheduled for the same time and place as the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, June 22?

The Town Council is scheduled for a discussion and approval for the initial budget for how the CPA funds available will be spent. Per Open Meeting Law, in order to allow the Community Preservation Committee members to be present, there needs to be a formal agenda announced in advance.

While it is not a requirement to have all the CPC members present, it would be good to see as many as possible in support of this historic occasion. The CPC and Town staff did all the hard work to get to this point of approval. The Town Council is limited to a yes or no vote.

CPC meeting agenda:

Community Preservation Committee Meeting
Agenda & Meeting Packet
June 22, 2022 - 7:00 PM

1. Discussion at the Town Council meeting on the CPA Master Plan and project proposals. This agenda is in the event a quorum of the CPC is present.

Town Council meeting agenda items for CPA fund authorization

a. Resolution 22-36: FY23 CPA Budget & Reservations (Motion to Approve Resolution 22-36 - Majority Vote)
b. Resolution 22-37: FY23 CPC Appropriation of Capital Funds (Motion to Approve Resolution 22-37 - Majority Vote)
c. Resolution 22-38: CPC Appropriation of Funds - Debt Service Maple Hill Land (Motion to Approve Resolution 22-38 - Majority Vote)

How did the Community Preservation Committee get here? The meeting schedule and recordings for their sessions during 2022:
CPC site visits to Red Brick School & Historical Museum were conducted in Sep/Oct 2021
CPC site visits to Red Brick School & Historical Museum were conducted in Sep/Oct 2021

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