Friday, July 1, 2022

MA Attorney General asks DPU to dismiss request for 'renewable' natural gas

Via Priya ( is a clean energy attorney @CLF  Massachusetts, we share the following Twitter thread:

"Good news: @MassAGO has asked the Department of Public Utilities to dismiss Liberty Gas’ request for approval to receive so-called “renewable” natural gas (aka biomethane, yet another dangerous, polluting fuel) for the next 20 years. A thread: 1/6 #MAPoli

Right now, the DPU is considering what the role of gas companies will be in our clean energy future, which requires utility companies to present plans for their energy supply. (Spoiler: an ideal plan doesn’t include any climate-damaging, polluting fuels: just clean energy). 2/6


Much to no one’s surprise, utility companies presented plans that were fancy pretenses for business as usual. Liberty Gas was one of these companies, and like others, its plan relied heavily on using biomethane in its fuel mix. 3/6


According to @MassAGO, the DPU can’t approve Liberty’s request while it’s still investigating the “future of gas” And, by requesting DPU’s approval WHILE the investigation is happening, Liberty is trying to bypass thorough review of biomethane’s impacts. 4/6


We agree with the AG. Reality check: Biomethane used for home heating still pollutes our climate while clogging and dirtying our air. This isn’t a climate solution, this is a cover for maintaining the status quo. 5/6


Now, we wait to see what the DPU will do. Utility companies’ claims, especially regarding biomethane, are highly doubtful. And it won’t help MA reach our climate goals which, at this point, is a matter of our lives. Stay tuned for what the department decides. 6/6"

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