Saturday, July 2, 2022

MMA: "Online maps illustrate progress of gas leak repair program"

"Massachusetts has one of the oldest natural gas systems in the country, with around 22% of the pipes under the ground considered “leakprone” in 2020, according to HEET, a Cambridge-based nonprofit dedicated to cutting emissions.

In 2014, Massachusetts created the Gas System Enhancement Program as a way for its six investor-owned natural gas distribution companies to accelerate the replacement of this leaking infrastructure by 2039.

Now, the public can view the location and estimated cost of each new planned gas pipe replacement project using pipe replacement maps created by HEET. Also available is HEET’s annually updated map of gas leaks across Massachusetts, along with estimated emissions."

Continue reading the article online at Mass Municipal Assoc (MMA)

The Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET)'s gas leak map ->

This link should drop you directly to the interactive Franklin section of the map ->

If the link doesn't drop you directly to Franklin, start here and search for Franklin ->

HEET's gas leak map focused on Franklin
HEET's gas leak map focused on Franklin

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  1. From a public accountability standpoint, this is good to know about, but I'm astounded that 6 investor-owned companies aren't doing more on their own to control the loss of billions of dollars worth of natural gas leaking from pipes that they are responsible for maintaining.