Sunday, June 26, 2022

Franklin TV: We’re Talkin’ the Blues

Two hours of great blues music and history every week.
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 06/26/2022

It doesn’t matter where they are. It could be at an open-air bistro on Newbury St. It could be a balmy afternoon on the front porch. Could be by a pot-bellied stove at the general store. It could be anywhere. It’s two guys, (sometimes more) wagging their tongues, and bonding over their love for the blues.

Nick Remissong and Jim Derick in our radio studio
Nick Remissong and Jim Derick in our radio studio

There’s a lot of lore about blues artists, blues history, and 2 hours of great blues music to be heard by hangin’ out with Nick, Jim, Todd Monjur and other blues guests – on 102.9FM, or online at our website
We’re Talkin’ the Blues
We’re Talkin’ the Blues

Got a thing for the blues? (Of course you do.) Listen in, Mondays at 9AM, Noon, and 6PM.

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