Friday, August 12, 2022

Boston Globe: "Baker signs major climate bill into law"

"Gov. Charlie Baker signed a major climate bill into law on Thursday that will accelerate the development of clean energy in the state, boosting offshore wind and solar, and—in a first for Massachusetts—allowing some cities and towns to ban the use of fossil fuels in new buildings and major renovations.

Baker’s approval comes after weeks of speculation that he might veto the bill, and just days after he said he particularly disapproved of the fossil fuel ban because of his concern it could make it harder to construct affordable housing.

Ultimately, though, he said the bill’s changes to the offshore wind procurement process and its advances in clean energy were important enough to secure his signature.

“I continue to want us to be a pretty big player in that space,” Baker said in an interview with the Globe, “because it’s a sustainable way to create a lot of jobs, for a very long time.”
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All the Legislation signed by Gov Baker on Thursday, August 11, 2022

Let’s listen to my conversation with Ted and State Rep Jeff Roy. Audio file ->

The climate legislation discussed as amended and returned to the Governor for action

State Rep Jeff Roy’s remarks on the MA House of Representatives floor in favor of the legislation and quoting Governor Baker on compromise (from the Governor’s recent book).

Governor Baker’s book ->

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker during a morning press-conference.JONATHAN WIGGS/GLOBE STAFF
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker during a morning press-conference. JONATHAN WIGGS/GLOBE STAFF

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