Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Please don't make this an "apathy election" - get out and vote on or before Nov 8

“There does seem to be a certain lack of intensity.”

⁃ Sec. of State Bill Galvin on the 2022 state election

There’s your early leader in the clubhouse for understatement of the year. And according to Galvin, the “slow” pace of mail-in voting points to a turnout of hundreds of thousands fewer voters than the last midterms.

It’s not as if the 2018 ballot was significantly sexier than this year’s uncompetitive dud. The Warren-Diehl Senate race never polled closer than 22 points. The Baker-Gonzalez gubernatorial matchup was like an old Mutt & Jeff comic strip without the hilarity. The ballot questions were low-key affairs.

This cycle features an open governor’s race that held the potential for competitiveness until GOP leadership drove their chances into a bridge abutment, vacancies for attorney general and auditor, and ballot questions touching on third-rail issues of taxation and immigration. And while the Congressional seats are barely contested, a red-hot battle for Capitol control in the lower 49 states could have conceivably pulled out some message-sending locals."
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The Election Collection contains all the info that should be helpful to Franklin voters. If you don't find something, please let me know and we'll se if it can be obtained.

Election Collection 2022: State election November 8
Election Collection 2022: State election November 8

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