Sunday, November 6, 2022

Boston Globe: "Plastic recycling is a ‘myth,’ study says"

"Of the 51 million tons of plastic waste US households generated in 2021, just 2.4 million tons — or 5 percent — was recycled, new research shows.

The findings provide yet more proof that plastic recycling is a “myth,” says the new analysis, published by the environmental nonprofit Greenpeace USA this week.

Plastic, which is made from fossil fuels, is notoriously difficult to recycle. A major reason: Though they can be broken down into broad categories, there are thousands of varieties of the material, each with its own chemical makeup. Most cannot be recycled together, so to be processed, they must be meticulously sorted. Still, hundreds of millions of tons of plastic are produced each year, which is a major problem for the climate: Plastic production and disposal account for 3.4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions."
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While recycling maybe a "myth" that they are created from fossil fuels is the major issue for our overall climate challenge. How do we find reasonable alternatives?

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Boston Globe: "Plastic recycling is a ‘myth,’ study says"
Boston Globe: "Plastic recycling is a ‘myth,’ study says"

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