Thursday, November 10, 2022

Notice from DPW: New State Waste Disposal Ban extends to include Mattresses

Mattresses MUST be recycled. Options for Franklin residents below

Notice from the Department of Public Works: Effective as of November 1st, 2022: The State of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has enacted additional "Waste Disposal Bans". 
  • Mattresses may not be disposed of as solid waste. They MUST be recycled.
  • Waste Management will no longer be collecting mattresses through the curbside program.
Residents of Franklin have a variety of options available to ensure proper disposal:
  • If you purchase a new mattress, request that the retailer remove and recycle your old mattress.
  • Purchase a sticker to the Recycling Center (455 Beaver Street, Franklin) and utilize the mattress recycling service at this location--The Town does not provide a transportation service, the mattress must be delivered to the Recycling Center by the resident.
  • Solicit the services of a private hauler to remove and recycle your old mattress. You may access a list of local Board of Health approved haulers here.

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