Sunday, January 8, 2023

Franklin TV: Squinting at 2023

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 01/08/2023

Note that while I certainly wish all a happy and prosperous New Year – I'm keeping a suspicious eye on 2023. I’m squinting – askance – at 23 with deep distrust.

(That’s right, ‘23. I’m lookin’ at you.) After the global shenanigans of 2020, 21, 22, 2023 better wipe its feet at the door before entering, and say, 'Please & Thank you'.

Standing at the threshold of 2023 (and wondering if I should let it in), I’m looking at yet another covid eruption in China – with more supply side issues to follow, a megalomaniacal dictator in Russia, an expanding missile farm in North Korea, a meltdown of basic freedoms in Afghanistan. What’s New in the New Year – is old. Lots of bad vibes lurking.  So, I’m skeptical, cynical, downright mistrustful.

Normally, I’m pretty optimistic. The joyful arrival of each New Year is rife with bright hope. This year? Not so much. Hope can go wait in the car. We’re all still busy dealing with the aftermath – consequences, direct, indirect and subsequent, of these last three years that introduced us to doom-scrolling. Wallowing in all that bad news. Who needs that? For now, I will constrain my wallowing – and my hopes for the best as I remain dutifully prepared for the worst.

So, I gird my loins while I squint with suspicion at 2023. I’m putting 23 on notice.
One false move and I may pen a sternly worded letter to The Times.

2023 notwithstanding, I’ll ignore that tiny black cloud hanging just above my head.

I’ll continue to hold up my end, maintain my sunny disposition and be nice to folks.

Let that be my New Year’s Resolution.

May 2023 smile warmly, kindly upon us all. 
     We shall see.
         We shall see.

Franklin TV: Squinting at 2023
Franklin TV: Squinting at 2023
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