Friday, February 3, 2023

Happy World Wetlands Day, Franklin!

Happy World Wetlands Day, Franklin!

We admit that every day is World Wetlands Day over here at Franklin Conservation. It's all we talk about! And why wouldn't we? Wetlands provide us humans with a myriad of benefits including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Dissipating stream energy for flood control
  • Producing wetland products (e.g., cranberries)
  • Sequestering sediment, contaminants, and nutrients (e.g., pollution)
  • Providing habitat to support biodiversity
  • Providing aesthetic services and recreational opportunities
  • Replenishing groundwater
  • Providing long-term carbon and water storage (important for climate change resilience!)

Franklin Conservation wishes you a very happy World Wetlands Day and encourages you to go outside - at some point, perhaps not today - and visit one our many waterbodies. We have plenty - just look at the map below!

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