Saturday, February 4, 2023

CommonWealth Magazine: "Vocational school admissions debate at center of New Bedford stand-off"

"CRITICS OF VOCATIONAL school admissions in the state are now literally making a federal case of the issue with yesterday’s filing of a civil rights complaint with the US Department of Education alleging discriminatory practices in the admissions policies at Massachusetts vocational high schools. 

It’s another step in a long-running debate that started at the local level, and nowhere has that debate been more contentious than in New Bedford, the place where the push to reform state admission policies first began more than five years ago – and where it continues to inflame passions.

State regulations allow vocational schools to rank applicants based on middle school grades, attendance, and other factors. Admission to the schools has become increasingly competitive, with more than 18,000 applicants vying for 10,616 seats in the 2020-21 school year. "
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Franklin Observer also covers this topic with input from Tri-County Superintendent Karen McGuire and Tri-County School Cmte member Jen D'Angelo

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