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Thursday, May 31, 2018

In the News: 40B issue runs across MA; new memorial for 911 rescue and recovery workers

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"The story is often the same. 
A developer proposes to build a densely populated, mixed-income housing complex in a community. The proposal evokes outrage from local residents who argue the development will be disruptive. The influx of so many new people will exacerbate traffic, unfairly add costs to municipal budgets and strain local infrastructure, the argument goes. 
“The proposed development is poorly designed and too intense for a site that is just over an acre in size,” wrote the Wellesley Board of Selectmen in a letter objecting to mixed-income developments on Stearns Road and Worcester Street. ”(It) must be denied at this level of density.” 
Despite the local outcry, however, developers often end up building what they want because the law is on their side."

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40B issue runs across MA - Franklin status
40B issue runs across MA - Franklin status

"A pathway flanked by six stones meant to symbolize strength and determination will be added to the Sept. 11 memorial site in lower Manhattan to honor the rescue and recovery workers who toiled for months at ground zero, officials announced Wednesday in unveiling the design concept. 
The new dedicated area will also serve as a way to honor those who became sick or died from exposure to the toxins in the environment after the twin towers fell. 
“Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to have been exposed to toxins at the World Trade Center site, both on the day of 9/11 and during the months of recovery operations that followed,” Alice Greenwald, president and CEO of the National Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum, said in a statement. 
She added, “By integrating this meaningful public space at the memorial, we seek to recognize all those for whom 9/11 has remained an all-too-present reality.”

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

“The donations help to save their lives”

"Pedro, a 4-year-old Chihuahua and terrier mix, was adopted when he was just nine 9 weeks old, but was turned over to Just a Touch Rescue after a year because he barked. 
Kikka, an 11-year-old Pomeranian who is blind in one eye, was turned over to the organization because her owners couldn’t afford to pay fix an infection that came from breeding. 
Split, a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd, was brought to a vet to be euthanized because the owner “didn’t want him anymore,” said Debbie Fahrenholtz, founder and president of the organization."
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screen grab of The Big Biscuit webpage
screen grab of The Big Biscuit webpage

For more about The Big Biscuit, visit their webpage here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"the right and humane thing to do"

Posted Oct 20, 2008 @ 11:35 PM


An animal rescue organization from Salisbury is trying to save a colony of feral cats living in the woods near Highwood Condominiums whose management plans to trap and kill them.

Stacy LeBaron, president of the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, said she and a Highwood resident met with management last week and are negotiating an alternative to the board of trustees' plan.

"It's a work in progress. They haven't agreed to back down, but they aren't doing anything as we gather more information (from Purr-fect Cat Shelter). We're hoping to try to get people talking and brainstorming and get solutions," LeBaron said.

The society, a statewide, nonprofit volunteer organization that provides free services and promotes no-kill programs for feral cats (, will offer Purr-fect Cat Shelter help and resources, she said.

"I do believe it's possible to have a successful feral cat colony" by using the trap, neuter/spay, release process, said LeBaron.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

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