Monday, December 3, 2007

Historical Comm Q&A 10

Jane Curran, Eileen Mason, Lynn Narron (?)

Time: 5 minutes, 50 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 9


Time: 1 minute, 57 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 8

McGann, Nutting, Roche

Time: 6 minutes, 51 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 7

Michael LeBlanc, Lisa Piana, Carol Harpin (?)

Time: 6 minutes, 26 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 6

Dave Collier (?)

Time: 2 minutes, 26 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 5

Susan Speers

Time: 5 minutes, 47 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 4


Time: 1 minute, 50 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 3

Doak, Zollo, Roche

Time: 5 minutes, 35 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 2

McGann, Nutting, Roche

Time: 5 minutes, 52 seconds

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Historical Comm Q&A 1

Whalen, Nutting, Bartlett

Time: 5 minutes, 36 seconds

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Franklin Center Commons

Franklin Center Commons, originally uploaded by shersteve.

on a dreary slushy day, a photo from the sunshine on Saturday.

This is a good idea to let folks know how much is open and operating in the new building for those heading West on 140 coming into Franklin.

The way the sign is angled it does not help those heading East.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Franklin in the news

Cookie monsters invade Franklin church

By Aaron Wasserman/Daily News staff

Shelf space was in short supply yesterday morning in the Franklin United Methodist Church's kitchen. By 10 a.m. rows of cookies had already filled several baking sheets, their smell noticeable moments after walking in the church's side door.


Chambers seek energy consultants to aid businesses

By Aaron Wasserman/Daily News staff

Several area chambers of commerce, concerned about volatile utility prices' impact on their members, are working with energy consultants to help local businesses control their costs.


'Friends' help Franklin Senior Center get underway

By Michael Morton/Daily News staff

Inside the game room of the town's new senior center, a donated pool table is already well on its way to bringing in more men to the community facility.


Franklin artist helps reproduce historical town painting

By John Fenuccio/News Staff Writer

When the Historical Commission needed help restoring Admiral Louis Emil Denfeld’s portrait, it not only sought out a professional artist, but also a “townie.”


Questioning tax share for businesses

By Alexandra Perloe - Globe Correspondent / December 2, 2007

Franklin officials have again entered the perennial debate on whether to continue taxing residential and commercial properties at the same rate, or convert to a dual, or split-rate, system.


Where in Franklin? #21

Where in Franklin? #21, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Where is this scene?

The guidelines for playing "Where in Franklin?" can be found here.


Where in Franklin? - Answer #20

Where in Franklin? - Answer #20, originally uploaded by shersteve.

"mns-franklin" provided the correct answer. This is the building located at the corner of King/Chestnut and 140 next to DeVita's Market.

Currently owned by the town and up for sale, the Four Corners building has generated some discussion during the run up to the election.

We came to Franklin in 1995 and I recall it being office space then. I recall buying flowers from the florist whose building (now torn down) was tucked tigthly along and angled lot in back of this building.

When did the Four Corners building end being a school? Sometime in the 1980's?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chris Lavery gets recognized for good work

While recognizing the need for safeguards in the post-9/11 era, Lavery believes immigration law does need to be reformed.

"It can be incredibly draconian," Lavery said of U.S. immigration law. "There are laws in place that kind of curl your toes."

For example, he said, the law requires the detention of anyone with "even a minor offense," such as violating a visa. It can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to resolve such cases, Lavery said, and in the meantime the aliens are kept in corrections facilities along with people who have been tried and convicted of various crimes.

If an alien in detention gives up on becoming a U.S. citizen, Lavery said, even then it can take six to eight weeks before they are released to return to their countries of origin.

"There needs to be reform. The immigrant population here is just burgeoning," Lavery said. "It's about time we give them some kind of fair avenue to legalize their status here."

Read the full article by Heather McCarron in the Milford Daily News about the recognition Chris is receiving as a recipient of the Solas Appreciation Award.

Congratulations, Chris. Keep up the good work!