Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Tag Outlet

In the former Hollywood Video store, next to Hometown Paint, the Red Tag Outlet has set up and opened for business.

Have you been in yet?
What is it like?

Franklin, MA

Woo Hoo! And so we begin

Sent to you by Steve Sherlock via Google Reader:

via Growing In Franklin by Franklin Community Gardens on 9/21/10

Meeting number two brought more people and more energy.  We met newcomers to town, longtime residents, condo dwellers.  All wanted to see a community garden project for the same reasons as well as different ones. All would like their own plots, all would like to see a youth garden, and all want to help in a giving garden for the food pantry.  What is it about gardeners?----we span the generations, yet put us all in one room and we are old friends from the get go!  Love it.

We discussed community, giving back, healthy eating, recreation, education, youth programs, and more.

Next order of business is to find some land.  Not just any land, but sunny, healthy, and tillable land.

We talked about community garden models in other towns, on municipal land, and the realistic timeline for planning and rolling something out. Probably months and months. We can do this. 

We are also looking into finding space on private land for the food pantry garden, and have taken steps towards making connections with landholders.  This is something that could be in the ground and green and growing this spring.  If you are reading this, and can help us with your land or know someone who might be open to letting us cultivate a large vegetable garden, please contact us here via a comment or an email.

Lauren at the Y will send out minutes of the meeting to those of you who are on our list. 

I have just received an email from one of the Town departments, woo hoo! So the process begins.........

As soon as I know what we need to do Town-wise I will rally you, troops.

Thank you!


Things you can do from here:

In the News - Tri-County

Tri-county students offer career technical services to the public


Franklin, MA

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letter from Peter Light, FHS Principal

Today, Franklin High School introduced a program, Rachel's Challenge, to high school students during classes. The introduction was designed to provide students with background information about this program which will be conducted Wednesday during school. The program is sensitive in nature as it deals directly with issues surrounding school violence and how students within a school and community treat each other. Counselors were available today and will be available throughout the week to work with high school students in processing information presented through this program.
I would also like to extend a personal invitation for parents to join Franklin High School and the greater Franklin Community to attend Rachel’s Challenge . A parent/ community program will take place this Wednesday, September 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the Horace Mann Auditorium.
Rachel’s Challenge was founded by Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Scott. Rachel was the first victim to be killed in the Columbine High School tragedy on April 20, 1999. Rachel’s Challenge is a tribute to Rachel Scott and her enduring message that you can change the world by treating others with compassion and kindness.
The development of a positive and safe school culture, one that fosters the acceptance of all students and provides a nurturing environment, is the single greatest responsibility we have to our children. Rachel’s Challenge provides us as a community with tools to combat bullying, prevent school violence and simply create the best environment we can for our youth. The inspirational live presentation lasts approximately one hour and has been viewed by millions throughout the United States, Germany and South America. Rachel’s Challenge has been recognized in numerous national forums and by two United States Presidents for its effectiveness and impact on all who see it. For more information, you may visit the Rachel’s Challenge website at:
I invite you to join Franklin High School as we embark upon our journey and I hope to see you this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Horace Mann Auditorium.
Peter Light

Franklin High School

Franklin, MA

Improvement Project - Traffic Changes - Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of the proposed traffic changes as part of the Downtown Improvement Project can be view in this document:

Franklin,MA Proposed traffic circulation - executive summary 20100901

Additional documentation on the project can be found on the Dept of Planning and Community Development on the Franklin, MA website here:

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Franklin, MA

Senior Center - Open House - Sep 24

How timely?
Very timely!

Franklin, MA has been selected as a great place to retire and the Senior Center is holding an Open House this Friday. Details on the Open House can be viewed in this flyer:


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Franklin, MA

Office Hours - Sep 26

Stop by for Office Hours

As a member of the Downtown Partnership, I will have a table near the Bamboo House restaurant on Main St and hold Office Hours during the Harvest Festival on Sunday, Sep 26.

I will be coming in from PodCamp Boston 5 and should be at the table by noon time.

Franklin, MA

"you really learn to appreciate the little things"

As the mother of a cancer survivor, Donigan finds that September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, brings back years of hospital memories.
"I want the gold ribbon to be as widely known as the pink one is for breast cancer," Donigan said.
In 2003, Donigan's then 18-month-old daughter Hunter was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Read the full story about Hunter and childhood cancer in the Milford Daily News here:

Franklin, MA

In the News - soccer, triathlon, Clark-Cutler-McDermott

Franklin Elks Lodge sponsors annual soccer shoot

from The Milford Daily News News RSS 

Franklin YMCA hosts Annual Youth Triathlon

BUSINESS BRIEFS: Clark-Cutler-McDermott recognized by General Motors

Franklin, MA

Monday, September 20, 2010

Take this poster, please!

The poster for the upcoming Job Search Jam Sessions 2. This will be held in Hopkinton, MA on October 1. This is an unconference for the unemployed and under-employed.

Job Search Jam Session 2 - Poster

Yes, please download, printout and post this in as many friendly places as you can find to help spread the word.

The Organizing Team thanks you!

Those who attend will thank you!

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

Big Lots! coming to Franklin

In the space left by TJ Maxx, Big Lots is coming to Franklin.  Currently, the closet Big Lot store is in Milford.

Maybe it's the one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Or the unique and ever-changing mix of brand-name merchandise. Or perhaps it's just the thrill of the treasure hunt.

But one thing's for sure - once you get a taste of closeout shopping, you'll never look at traditional retail the same way again.

From everyday consumables and housewares to toys and seasonal goods, Big Lots offers amazing values that other stores just can't match. As the nation's largest broadline closeout retailer, we have the buying power to find and negotiate the best deals in the business.

The result? Unbeatable bargains, with something new to discover every time. Plus stores that are genuinely fun to shop. It's a combination strong enough to break old shopping habits - turning more and more consumers into Big Lots closeout shoppers..
One big difference with Big Lots is they do sell via their website where Ocean State Job Lots, Bldg 19 and other outlets rely on the physical building.

Thanks to CK for the pointer to Big Lots!

BTW - When I stopped by recently to take this photo, there was nothing posted on the door indicating when they would be open.

Updated 11/14/10 - word has it they are scheduled to open on Nov 19th!

Franklin, MA

In the News - Kennedy School

Franklin school praised for test scores

Franklin, MA

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Downtown Improvement Project - Survey - Update

The participation on Downtown Partnership survey has increased to 106 with No still leading by almost 2-1 margin (68-No, 38-Yes).

Sample comments: (spelling was corrected for readability)
Being a resident for over 70 years, we have had 2 way traffic here, and it worked and I believe it would cause less frustration and less chaos for the busiest times of the day and when the down town commuter train lets off people.
Franklin has a very small downtown and the only way to open up and make things flow more smoothly is getting rid of all this one way nonsense!
I vote for the 2 way!
I have looked on-line at the proposed changes to the down town area and while they do look attractive I do have some concerns about the two way traffic flow on the streets.  Many Franklin residents can not maneuver through downtown now with out breaking the "do not cross a solid line" driving law or stopping where there is no stop or yield sign.  I guess the new design would remove this factor from the equation.  My main concern is that the streets through downtown are so narrow that two way traffic flow through downtown may become hazardous.  At this point if you are trying to cross the street you at least know that traffic will only be coming at you from one direction.  I agree whole heartedly that the power lines need to be buried and the downtown could use some sprucing up but change to the traffic flow in an area with space restrictions may not be the best plan.  I would look for ways to add additional parking to the downtown area so residents can find safe parking easily to enjoy what downtown Franklin has to offer.  You can do many of the things in the proposed plan and keep the traffic flow one way.
40 years ago the town decided that the current one-way traffic pattern was necessary because of traffic tie ups that extended along route 140 from King Street to union Street.  With double the population, there is no reason to believe that it won't be the case if we switch back to two-way traffic on route 140.  We get romanced into doing unnecessary projects because it is someone else's money.  The cost will be in the future when we realize we have to change it back.  Projects like this are always justified by supposedly making it more pedestrian friendly.  It always ends up reducing parking spaces in front of businesses.  If you don't live within walking distance of the downtown, there is no way to become a downtown pedestrian unless you have a place to park your car.  You will be told that parking spaces in the downtown will actually increase.  It's not really true.  Adding spaces on Emmons Street does not replace lost parking spaces in front of Main Street businesses.  Anyone who tells you they would park on Emmons Street and walk back to shop is not being truthful.

Good feedback folks! Keep it coming.

Share the link to the survey with your friends and neighbors.

Franklin, MA

athletics can act as "an extension of the classroom"

Nearby Franklin also rejected an override in June that would have raised about $3 million for municipal and school expenses. The high school has since increased user fees to $200 from last year's $125, Athletic Director Brad Sidwell said.
"It's like everything in education," he said. "You have costs that are rising, and a lot of them are contractual."
Cross country, indoor and outdoor track athletes in Franklin pay $175 per season.
It was too early to measure this year's participation rates, Sidwell said. The track programs, which cover the students' physical education requirement, are having growing popularity last year.
The percentage of the athletic program's annual budget funded through athletic fees and game receipts "has certainly gone up," Sidwell said.
Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

Franklin, MA

Harvest Festival 2010 - map

This is the layout of the booths for the Harvest Festival sponsored by the Franklin Downtown Partnership. The Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, Sep 26 2010 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Downtown Partnership Harvest Fest 2010 Map

Note: the map is not to scale but is meant to provide a good idea of the layout of the booths and exhibits at the Harvest Festival. You can print a copy to take with you to the Festival.