Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In the News: Lincoln St nursing home

The Milford Daily News reports on the discussion around the proposed nursing home on Lincoln St. The developer is getting creative in attempting to get approval. The residents are still mounting opposition.
The developers of a proposed nursing home on Lincoln Street say they are negotiating a contract with a private ambulance service, addressing the fire chief’s concern that the site would strain the town’s emergency responders. 
Athena Health Care Systems filed a variance application in May for a building permit to construct a 138-bed nursing home at 864 Lincoln St., in a rural residential area reserved for private home and farmlands. 
Since filing its application, the company, which manages nursing homes in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, has met mounting opposition from Lincoln Street residents.
You can continue reading the article online here (subscription may be required)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Live reporting - Discussion Only Items

Discussion Only Items

Policy review continued
1 - GBGB - staff health and safety
2 - IJOC - school volunteers
updated to bring current for language and current conditions

Collaborative Agreements

changes a couple of years ago fostered change in the management of the collaborative
Franklin works with two; BICO and Accept
took two years for DESE final approvals
school committees are required to sign off on the agreements

Evaluation of Superintendent

ratings of smart goals set by Maureen
found "performance exemplary in all categories"

"a collaborative not-ego driven leader"

"a collaborative relationship with the municipal side"

"academic performance has flourished under her leadership"

"not just about being an innovator but also about rigor"

"we are lucky to have Maureen Sabolinski, it just doesn't happen, leadership does matter"

"workaholic is the word we usually can use to describe you"
"those relationships and bonds with staff members have served you well"

"I am humbled by the things you have said"

Policies moved to 2nd reading
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

Motion to approve BICO agreement
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

motion to approve Accept agreement
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

motion to approve Superintendent evualation
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

motion to accept donations
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

Superintendent report

just started a digital learning committee, about 30 teachers across the district
curriculum embedded with digital citizenship

space needs to be looked at

substantial year planned

Channel 5 recording a wake up call

WBZ did a piece on the rehearsal of the concert

snow season is coming; looking to set up driver training for students in inclement weather

Accuweather account setting up for forecasting for snow days

Curriculum night - Sep 30th
new format, inviting parents to experience their child's schedule

thanks for all the help with the opening and dedication
student volunteers helped, faculty

student tech team coming in for next meeting, to recognize them for their help

student selected for all-national band, performing at Nashville

could have a future meeting at the high school

thank you for all the work you did to make that happen

Subcommittee reports

next meeting the 30th

FEF fund raising efforts - Nov 1st
no school on the 25th

motion to adjourn, seconded, approved 7-0

Live reporting; School Committee - September 23, 2014

Present: Douglas, O'Malley (late),Rohrbach, Clement, Mullen, Trahan, Jewell
Absent:  none

1 - Routine business

no citizens comments
no adjustments to agenda
motion to approve minutes from 9/9/14; second, approve 6-0

FHS Representatives
Conor Lemanowicz - things going well; Guidance for application process, excellent help as he is the first of his family going to college and no one to get the inside advice from
Justin Bates - boys soccer won today 9-0

Parent night -open house process to have parents walk through the schedule; how aware are folks of this happening?
maybe something on the website, additional communications coming for 'Curriculum Night"

2 - Guests/Presentations

Gabriela Blood, Haley Frank 

went on trip to China 

two teachers also went on the trip but were unaware that it was the same exact trip until late in the planning process

slide capture of presentation
slide capture of presentation

(slide show to be added later)

XieXie = thank you

more ambitious in trying foods than before
developed appreciation of freedom compared to here

Mr Walsh, Mr McCarthy

the Chinese school day was longer than here; their time is spent as students and not athletes

Joyce Edwards, Jane Hogan

(slide show to be added later)

joined trip as part of the delegation of educational leaders
a country of tremendous contrasts
urban and rural; Shanghai - the New York City of China

got to do 'tourist stuff' but then also meet with educational leaders
25 school administrators from 4 states

3-4 members of the group also spoke fluent Mandarin which helped with understanding the nuances of the discussions

met with Deputy Prime Minister of  Foreign Affairs, he had met with Ambassador Kerry the week before

grades 1-9 compulsory
high school 10-12 is not mandatory

meritocracy based system (driven by test scores)

a communist party member is on each school board
curriculum materials must be approved by the party

public funded but also accept private funding (from families)

1 child/family drives the strong family focus on education

teaching is a revered and professional position in China

60% teaching, 40% spent on development and preparation of the total teaching day in China

the second language is English, there is no other language taught in Chinese schools

farmers are exempt from the 1 child rule to help encourage farming (enough hands for picking crops)

ePals, an electronic form of penpals can provide an opportunity to communicate regularly

a Needham high school student spending the summer abroad in China volunteering there

EF Tours and Primary Source are good collaborators in fostering global education
the beginning

Is it time to teach Chinese at FHS?
the major hurdle is maintaining the funding and the resources; manpower not available to do so currently, the resources are such in high demand we have not been able to recruit and maintain a hire

Classroom to classroom is a rich opportunity, who would take lead?
It is open to anyone, a teach could arrange thru ePals

This is already happening in some areas within Franklin, with folks having returned from these trips, the incentive will increase

Parmenter - Fall Social today

Fall social at Parmenter school today

Parmenter elementary school sign
Parmenter elementary school sign

No school on Thursday (Rosh Hoshanah)

The old FHS building is disappearing

During the tours of the new Franklin High School, travel up the stairwells on the west and north sides of the building could provide a view to what was left of the old. The demolition has advanced quite rapidly since the field house was the first part taken down. Ground work is already making progress as the old building gets removed to re-use the land it was on.

Ultimately, additional parking and then new athletic fields and tennis courts will find a new home on this side of the building.

site prep for additional parking
site prep for additional parking

the chimney remains but little else does
the chimney remains but little else does

another view of what remains
another view of what remains

another view of what remains 2
another view of what remains 2

Jane's Frame: 20th Anniversary Celebration


You're invited to Jane's Frames

20th Anniversary
Please Celebrate with us
 Enjoy free mimosa's and scones from 10-1
Wine and cheese from 1-5:30

Check out Some Great Specials in Artwork
Some as low as $1.00 each
 See our New Arrivals in Home Decor & our Gift Items


September 23rd 
From 10am to 5:30pm


11 East Central Street
Franklin, Ma
Community Mural
Our Anniversary Celebration Continues
Now - September 30th
If you are not able to drop in on Tuesday, Please come by any time as we will continue to celebrate through the end of the month.

Please see the Community Mural created by young people from the community at Jane's Frames during the Downtown Festivals last year. It is being raffled with all donations going to the Franklin Food Pantry.
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Jane's Frames | 11 East Central Street | Franklin | MA | 02038

Patriots Honor Area Youth Volunteers to Kick off 2014 Celebrate Volunteerism Initiative

New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and Patriots players recognize youth volunteers with pizza and bowling party at Patriot Place's Splitsville Luxury Lanes and Howl at the Moon to kick off 2014 Celebrate Volunteerism initiative on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

It takes many people to make a difference and on Tuesday, Sept. 16, the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and several Patriots players recognized more than 30 local youth volunteers for their hard work and dedication to helping others. Youth volunteers from Hockomock Area YMCA branches, Weymouth High School and Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston were honored by the Foundation and Patriots players Nate Solder, James Develin, Josh Boyce and Ja'Gared Davis at Patriot Place's Splitsville Luxury Lanes and Howl at the Moon. Volunteers and players shared stories about their volunteer work, which stemmed from their different passions and upbringings.
 "The thing I would say about volunteering is that, just like me and my teammates on the football field, there is a common goal and a common purpose," said Solder. "I think that's the neatest thing I've always found with volunteering. It creates a network between volunteers, a network between different communities and different groups all over the world. I sure enjoy being a part of it and I congratulate these youth volunteers because it's amazing work they are doing." After sharing some of his own volunteer experiences, Develin provided the group a meaningful quote he recently came across that has stuck with him. "If you're not living your life to make someone else's life better, than you're wasting your time," Develin recalled to the group.
 For Foxborough resident Dan DeMars, Tuesday's event was all about giving back to the youth volunteers who give so much to their respective communities. "These kids are always giving back," said DeMars, who serves as Teen Director of the YMCA's Invensys Foxboro Branch. "We have a lot of family events at the YMCA and there are a lot of community events throughout our towns and surrounding areas that these kids are always giving back to. For us to have this opportunity to appreciate them through the Patriots Charitable Foundation is awesome." 
From left to right: New England Patriots offensive tackle Nate Solder, fullback James Develin, wide receiver Josh Boyce and linebacker Ja’Gared Davis celebrate youth volunteerism with volunteers from the Hockomock Area YMCA branches on Tuesday, Sept. 16. The Patriots Charitable Foundation kicked off the 2014 Celebrate Volunteerism at Patriot Place’s Splitsville Luxury Lanes with a pizza and bowling party

DeMars added the YMCA has enjoyed a tremendous partnership with the Patriots and Tuesday's event was another great example of the organization's support. "We're really lucky in Foxborough to have an affiliation with the Patriots organization," DeMars said. "Like Nate Solder said, we all have a common goal and a common purpose to be making an impact and to be doing a good thing, so I think the message the Patriots are sending these kids is amazing and it's valuable. It's going to do a lot for these kids and give them positive reinforcement to give back and make a difference." One of DeMars' volunteers, Lindsey DeRusha of Wrentham, said she enjoys volunteering at the Foxboro YMCA because it has given her so much over the years. "The YMCA has done so much for me personally," DeRusha, 16, said. "I go there to exercise, I work there, I participate in the leadership club and I just really feel like it's my turn to give back to the YMCA. It's my turn to give it what it has given me." For DeRusha, the best part of Tuesday's event was being able to share experiences and stories with other volunteers, eat pizza and bowl with the Patriots players. "This is awesome," DeRusha said with a big smile. "I volunteer to give back, but to know these players and the Patriots organization are rooting us on and they admire us as much as we admire them is the best feeling in the world! It makes everything so worthwhile." The event, which kicked off the Foundation's 2014 Celebrate Volunteerism initiative, also recognized Tara Balan, a senior at Weymouth High School, as the Patriots Difference Maker of the Week for Youth Volunteerism. Balan, 17, has spent her entire high school career taking advantage of opportunities to serve others and has led multiple service projects. At age 14, she was chosen to represent the town of Weymouth in the launch of the Project 351, a community service initiative that unites eighth grade students from every town in Massachusetts. More recently, Balan led a commemoration project to honor the victims of Sept. 11 and coordinated a clothing drive for Cradles to Crayons.
 An excited Balan said she was humbled by the recognition.
New England Patriots fullback James Develin (center) celebrates youth volunteerism with students from Weymouth High School at Patriot Place’s Splitsville Luxury Lanes on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Weymouth’s Tara Balan (front, far right) was recognized as the Patriots Difference Maker of the Week for her volunteer work

 "I'm very honored to receive this recognition, but at the same time it's a very humbling experience because it's not like I did all of these things just to be recognized," said Balan. "This is a really neat event and I'm incredibly fortunate to be a part of it."
Balan added she enjoyed spending time with other youth volunteers and hearing Patriots players share their own volunteer experiences. "I think it's really cool the Patriots players came out here to share their own volunteer experiences and congratulate everyone on the work they are currently doing," Balan said. "It's great to see that everyone is involved in community service, even people that we idolize. To know people like these players still take the time to give back to their community is very important."

Legislature Passes Bill to Create MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women

The Massachusetts Legislature today enacted a bill to establish a MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women, lead sponsor Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) announced.

"This commission will amplify the voices of women and girls in the MetroWest region and identify specific ways to advance women's rights here and across the state," Senator Spilka said. "We are promoting equality and opportunity for all women in our communities and helping to inspire the next generation of female leaders in the Commonwealth."

The MetroWest women's commission will work at the local level to advocate for equality and to promote equal access to health care, employment, education and economic development opportunities for women and girls. The Commission will conduct an ongoing study of the challenges that women face in MetroWest communities and report annually on findings and recommended solutions to the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women.

The MetroWest commission will join five other county and regional women's commissions operating under the umbrella of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. The other five regional commissions study and report on the status of women in Berkshire County, Bristol County, Cape and Islands, Essex County and Worcester County.

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women is an independent state agency created in 1998 by the Legislature to advance women of the Commonwealth to full equality in all areas of life and to promote their rights and opportunities. The Commission works to provide a permanent, effective voice for all women across Massachusetts.

The bill to create a MetroWest regional commission will now be sent to the Governor for his signature.
Senator Karen Spilka speaking Sunday at the new FHS Dedication ceremony
Senator Karen Spilka speaking Sunday at the new FHS Dedication ceremony

Monday, September 22, 2014

new Franklin High School Dedication (photo essay)

Here are the photos from the dedication ceremony on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Elementary students from grades K - 5 lead the Pledge of Allegiance

members of the FHS Chorus sang the National Anthem
members of the FHS Chorus sang the National Anthem

Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski
Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski

School Building Committee Chairman - Tom Mercer
School Building Committee Chairman - Tom Mercer

the row of speakers
the row of speakers

members of the School Committee and Town Council in front row
members of the School Committee and Town Council in front row

architectural detail 1
architectural detail 1

architectural detail 2
architectural detail 2

architectural detail 3
architectural detail 3

Barbara Hansberry, Deputry Executive Director of the MSBA
Barbara Hansberry, Deputry Executive Director of the MSBA

Town Council chairman Robert Vallee
Town Council Chairman Robert Vallee

Senator Richard Ross
Senator Richard Ross

Senator Karen Spilka
Senator Karen Spilka

Representative Jeff Roy
Representative Jeff Roy

official commemoration
official commemoration

School Committee Chairperson Paula Mullen

The audio recording of the ceremony and the first concert in the new auditorium can be found here

Copies of the program and schedule can be found here

Photos from the tour of the new high school can be found on Facebook here

or Flickr here

Audio: Dedication Ceremony and First Concert - new Franklin High School

The audio recording of the Dedication Ceremony and the first concert in the new auditorium can be listened to here:

the program handed out for the concert:

You can also find the Franklin Matters podcast on iTunes here

Franklin High School
Franklin High School

Photos from the tour of the new high school can be found on Facebook here

or Flickr here