Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Franklin Downtown Partnership General Meeting Agenda - May 1

Franklin Downtown Partnership General Meeting Agenda
Thursday, May 1, 2014, 8:30 a.m.
Dean College Campus Center
Golder Room

I.     Open Meeting

II.    Adoption of Agenda

III.   Introductions
Franklin Downtown Partnership
Franklin Downtown Partnership

IV.   Town Update -- Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator
       a.  Streetscape
            i.    Construction schedule update
            ii.   Introduce Maxine Kinhart
            iii.  Communications logistics
            iv.  Update on island design and plantings
       b.  Emmons Street project
            i.   Next steps
            ii.  Updates on possible state funding options
       c.  Other town updates

V.    Report from Executive Director
       a.  Brochure/Map project
       b.  FDP Event Calendar -- review (handout)
       c.  Membership/Sponsorship
       d.  Steering Committee for Emmons Street project
       e.  "Adopt a Block" -- Devin Gray

VI.   Strawberry Stroll Committee -- Nicole, Jane, Bryan

VII.   Networking Luncheon -- Joel Carrara

VIII.  Beautification Committee -- Eileen Mason

IX.    New Business
        Ladybug Project -- Franklin Cultural Committee

X.    Adjourn

Beautification Day:  May 17th

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day - Apr 26

Franklin will participate in the eighth Prescription Drug Take-Back Day held Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
It's a great time to clean out your medicine cabinet! Protect our kids, families and environment by properly disposing of your unwanted and expired medicines. Medicines in the home are a leading cause of accidental poisoning and flushed or trashed medicines can end up polluting our waters. Rates of prescription drug abuse are alarmingly high - over half of teens abusing medicines get them from a family member or friend, including the home medicine cabinet, and often without their knowledge.

Take Back Your Meds
Take Back Your Meds

The Franklin Police Station is one of the many sites participating in this effort.

Franklin Police Station (Mar 2014 in snow)
Franklin Police Station (Mar 2014 in snow)

For additional information on the "Take Back Your Meds" program, you can visit the webpage here

Tastebuds Fresh Marketplace - Grand Opening

Wanted to let you know that Tastebuds Fresh Marketplace will be having our grand opening celebration on Saturday April 26, 2014 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
During our celebration, we will be offering wine tasting, marinated sirloin tip tastings and cheese sampling along with a very special prosciutto cutting demonstration and tasting by one of our suppliers. 
The first one hundred customers will receive a complimentary Tastebuds grocery tote. Please join us for the fun.

Dave and Donna Lanni

Tastebuds Fresh Marketplace
Tastebuds Fresh Marketplace

You can visit Tastebuds on Facebook here

You can find Tastebuds at 470 King St, Franklin, MA 02038
Their phone number is -> 508 528 4100

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Congratulations to Franklin's BAA Marathon runners
Boston Athletic Association
Boston Athletic Association

29641130992142» Alexander, Mary Catherine (USA)2364102:25:0105:31:5405:36:24Add runner to 'My Runners'
58215076999» Allen, Shawn (USA)2707601:36:3003:17:3403:17:53Add runner to 'My Runners'
26820151472339» Berry, Christopher (USA)3330602:13:1704:56:0705:07:09Add runner to 'My Runners'
24874106661812» Brown, Colleen (USA)2362202:03:4004:40:3404:45:09Add runner to 'My Runners'
22967133291959» Cameron, Thomas (USA)2606702:00:2704:26:5804:35:13Add runner to 'My Runners'

   Add runner to 'My Runners'
1216386121595» Cunniff, Christopher (USA)1227801:39:3603:39:1003:49:39Add runner to 'My Runners'
30555135852226» Duffy, Theresa (USA)3569902:15:5805:48:2705:59:22Add runner to 'My Runners'
2185990494552» Ellis, Jenifer (USA)2703202:00:2604:19:5704:20:22Add runner to 'My Runners'
93552106152» Fischer, Jennifer (USA)1370601:40:2403:30:0203:32:42Add runner to 'My Runners'
2089585271512» Gagnon, Kimberly (USA)2965602:04:4104:14:3104:22:54Add runner to 'My Runners'
211048642816» Gleason, Marilee (USA)2156001:55:2204:15:4504:18:13Add runner to 'My Runners'
24299103551785» Henrichon, Tara (USA)34660 04:36:0704:51:50Add runner to 'My Runners'
29071162562773» Hickey, John (USA)2702502:22:4405:22:4505:23:10Add runner to 'My Runners'
20226120751949» Hughes, James (USA)3380802:10:1804:10:5104:18:11Add runner to 'My Runners'
2299217186» Lesperance, John (USA)682901:27:0102:59:4003:04:10Add runner to 'My Runners'
1281489163672» Medeiros, Jesse (USA)2993801:43:5003:41:1803:42:51Add runner to 'My Runners'
28270123902047» Mitchell, Cindi (USA)2924702:21:4305:12:1205:14:03Add runner to 'My Runners'
2137387974467» Nagy, Christine (USA)3112302:04:5304:17:2104:22:24Add runner to 'My Runners'
24445140124771» Nelson, Douglas (USA)3473301:59:4604:37:1204:49:35Add runner to 'My Runners'
2140988154473» Nicholls, Jennifer (USA)3372801:57:4504:17:3504:33:10Add runner to 'My Runners'
31607141746892» Nurnberg, Brigid (USA)3259302:46:1906:30:4806:42:02Add runner to 'My Runners'
31608174345877» Nurnberg, Nicholas (USA)3355102:27:0006:30:4906:42:02Add runner to 'My Runners'
551848582764» O'Connor, Kevin (USA)638401:34:3403:16:1003:20:36Add runner to 'My Runners'
29847132072169» Oteri, Dianne (USA)3384702:21:3805:35:2905:43:32Add runner to 'My Runners'
19381117024176» Palmieri, Nicholas (USA)2552101:55:1004:06:2204:13:08Add runner to 'My Runners'
27338153982661» Patterson, David (USA)3080802:27:2905:00:5705:10:06Add runner to 'My Runners'
1797568443827» Picillo, Ashley (USA)2644201:50:2103:59:3404:08:30Add runner to 'My Runners'
31099138936753» Powers, Melanie (USA)3258602:50:1306:05:3606:14:30Add runner to 'My Runners'
27646120982011» Quaile, Maureen (USA)3031902:21:3805:04:4405:12:47Add runner to 'My Runners'
30015132881382» Robbins, Claire (USA)2674302:59:2905:38:0805:46:29Add runner to 'My Runners'

Add runner to 'My Runners'
1190084981547» Rondeau, Stephen (USA)2907901:39:0503:38:2003:39:13Add runner to 'My Runners'
1562855233357» Rys, Kelly (USA)3032601:53:3703:51:1103:55:10Add runner to 'My Runners'
17652109744028» Santos, Joao (USA)2717201:49:0603:58:2003:58:31Add runner to 'My Runners'
29233163385538» Scanlan, James (USA)3463702:11:3705:25:3205:28:02Add runner to 'My Runners'
28131123352031» Sousa, Karyn (USA)3420202:33:4105:10:2905:20:05Add runner to 'My Runners'
28069122992023» Tighe, Jamie (USA)2659102:27:4705:09:4705:17:35Add runner to 'My Runners'
12221156903» Tucceri, Kevin (USA)223801:25:5402:52:5302:54:09Add runner to 'My Runners'
1086628592071» Twomey, Lisa (USA)2651901:45:4803:35:0703:42:39Add runner to 'My Runners'
2232392894642» Vendetti-Lomberto, Julie (USA)2701902:00:2504:22:5504:23:20Add runner to 'My Runners'
2796612250633» Wallace, Eileen (USA)2664402:18:0905:08:3905:16:23Add runner to 'My Runners'
24809141812208» Ward, Scott (USA)3035302:02:1104:40:0104:44:17Add runner to 'My Runners'
15435100311725» Wiltshire, Steve (USA)2785001:56:0703:50:3203:51:04

If you would like to find the results of other 2014 runners, you can use this page