Thursday, April 17, 2014

What about Ben's books?

The Library will get an addition. Felicia Oti, Library Director and members of the Library Board of Directors made the case that Franklin has outgrown the current space provided by the Library facility. It was built in 1904, added to in 1988 and due for a new expansion now.

There was not an opportunity for public discussion but I was itching to ask how Ben's books are being handled in this renovation. Where are they stored today? Word has it that they are in the 'safe'. Which  may be a secure place but for ancient text, is it the best climate controlled environment for a true legacy of Franklin? If not, then this renovation proposal would be a great time to provide for them books properly. As the renovation committee gets formed and details get worked out, there will be time to address this aspect of Franklin's legacy.

The remainder of the Town Council meeting was a busy one on Wednesday evening. As reported when the agenda was published here on Sunday, there was a full slate of monetary action items to be voted on.

The full accounting of the $1,592,000 to be spent on the various departmental capital requirements is outlined in the following document. The source of funds is tallied on page 2. Most of the funds come from the 'free cash' but there are several other capital accounts that are being closed out and those funds are being used here. A perfectly acceptable method!

The individual posts as reported live during the Town Council meeting on Wednesday:

Library Book Sale - Sat April 19th
Library Book Sale - Sat April 19th

A new edition of The Franklin Connection is available

A new edition of The Franklin Connection has been published on the Town of Franklin web site.

Click the link below to read the latest edition.

Franklin Senior Center
Franklin Senior Center

Best Buddies Dodgeball Tournament

Last year you were very helpful in getting the word out about our Dodgeball Tournament to benefit Best Buddies on May 4th. We're hoping you'll do the same this year. 
I've attached our flyer for you to use. If that doesn't work, or you'd like more information, please let me know. 
Thank you so much!

Best Buddies Dodgeball - May 4th
Best Buddies Dodgeball - May 4th

For additional info visit the Facebook page

Holy Week Services at the Franklin United Methodist Church

Thursday 7:30 pm Service
Franklin United  Methodist Church
Franklin United  Methodist Church

Good Friday
7:30 pm Service

Easter Sunday
10 am Worship Service

Franklin TV - Stations of the Cross broadcast schedule

Steve, is it at all possible to re-post the information about the broadcast of the Stations of the Cross on Franklin TV on Good Friday at 2:00 PM. Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 26? 
There is also a special REFLECTIONS show for Holy Thursday being broadcast @ 1:30 PM on the same Channels, and the Easter show is being broadcast @ 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM also on Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon 26

The post on the Stations of the Cross schedule

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Live reporting: closing

reminder on earth day
always a good day to help clean up Franklin

working on Wachusett St, tentative closing date of May 7th


Bissanti - has an opportunity to visit with Stella, doing well and in good spirits

Kelly- proud to know Stella

Padula - talked with Stella about squirrel nuts and for a penny you could pull out any filling

motion to adjourn, passed 7-0

Live reporting - Legislation


Economic Dev Commmittee - Jones
met today to discuss ongoing topics
expression of interest letter read
from qualified developers and interested parties
understand existing market conditions
meaningful and productive public process
max short and long term interests
must be signed
proponents interest
nature and status of organization, including jurisdiction
site tour May 21, 10:00 AM
compelling and appropriate development

looking to request an appraisal of the Pond St property


1. Resolution 14-16: Authorization to Borrow – Water Infrastructure Improvements - Requires 2/3 Vote
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
this would start planning for next years work, doc and schedule released earlier

2. Resolution 14-17: Appropriation Athletic Fields Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund- Requires 2/3 Vote
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
continue to fund this fund to replace turf fields at FHS and Beaver St, this gets us almost halfway there
work targeted for 2016-2017

life expectancy, warrantied for 10 years
1 since 04 and one since 03
expected 15 year life but no field had been in life that long

3. Resolution 14-18: Appropriation OPEB Stabilization Fund - Requires 2/3 Vote
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
unfunded liability is 89M, this is a small amount
should really be doing 2.4M per year but we don't have that money to do so

4. Resolution 14-19: Appropriation Sewer Enterprise Capital FY 14
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0

5. Resolution 14-20: Appropriation Water Enterprise Capital FY 14
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
start of plan to replace water meters, 3,000 over age

6. Resolution 14-21:Appropriation Fire Truck Stabilization Fund - Requires 2/3 Vote
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
another savings account for a future purpose

We are working in an industry that wanted to keep horse drawn wagons
we do want to use multi-purpose vehicles

fire apparatus is rolling tool boxes
you don't have the luxury of saying, golly i left that at the station
we work at a time compressed environment

national stats show declines in fires
I don't live there, I live here in Franklin where there are 25-35 fires in a year
we have a ten year on line for the trucks
and ten years in reserve, this has been a sweet spot for us so far

flash point used to be 29 mins, go to the UL labs, it is now 3 mins
fires grow quicker, latency with smoke detectors are two minutes

I am a numbers guy, I appreciate the national stats but that is not our town

7. Resolution 14-23: Senior Center Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund- Requires 2/3 Vote
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
could restart the committee to look at the second floor of the Senior Center in the fall
this would put us at $900,000

8. Resolution 14-24: Appropriation Capital FY 14
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
$1,592,000  (updated copy to be attached later)

9. Resolution 14-25: Appropriation Recreation – Spray Park
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0
for the Fletcher Field proposal
Commonwealth would pay 75-80% of the total, we need to front the money

10. Resolution 14-22: Direction for Issuance of Request for Expressions of Interest for Town Property at 150 Emmons Street
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0

11. Bylaw Amendment 14-731:Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, List of Service Fee Rates – 2nd Reading
motion to accept, second, passed 7-0 (via roll call)
trash rate increases $212 to 216 ($4)
increase from 192 to 196 ($4)

12. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 14-733: Changes to 185-5, Zoning Map, changes from Commercial 1 to Downtown Commercial District in an Area on or Near Alpine Row - Referral to Planning Board
motion to referral to planning board, second, passed 5-2
(Pfeffer and Bissanti voted no)
This was covered in the zoning workshop held in July 2013

13. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 14-734: Changes to 185-5, Zoning Map, changes from Industrial to General Residential V District in an Area on or Near Josephine Street - Referral to Planning Board
motion to referral to planning board, second, passed 7-0

Live reporting - Library Presentation

Sandra Brandfonbrener and Monique Doyle (Co Chairs)
Felicia Oti, Library Director

The full set of documents released for this agenda can be found here

The library presentation begins at Page 16

approved library budget down 22% since 2000
staffing down 52% since 2000
service delivery has increased during this same period

looking for additional space
for collections, technology and storage

two options
1 - renovations without an addition (still requires 1000 sq ft0 and meet code requirements
2 - add 6000 sq ft to current building and meet the code requirements

expand programming capabilities

library comparison with neighboring communities

can be funded within existing debt capacity

current library was built in 1904 with a population of 5,000
today the population is over 30,000 and we are using pretty much the same space

2 stories, additional parking required?
not at this time, no immediate land around it to use

ebooks are expensive and not sustainable
limited to 22 checkouts for library copies

there are many more reasons for using the library than to get books/ebooks

one of the beauties of the library, it is the first, it is free
continuation circulation of items

there can be improvement in technology, we should expand to better serve the community

ever since the video stores have closed, it is a resource for those movies

it is a magical place for children to go

keeping the historical integrity of the library

Live reporting - Solarize Franklin

Info to be posted to the Franklin webpage on Thursday

Live reporting - Ambulance presentation

Gary McCarraher/Ambulance Information

70% of call volume for calendar year 2013

ALS - advanced life support
BLS - basic life support

trauma patients differ from 'sickness' patients

differences between trauma center and community hospitals
level 1 trauma - UMass Medical or RI Hospital, two closest for Franklin

track on scene time and transport time
importance of time to respond, time on site also affects time available for next call

transport based upon patients condition
don't transport to Boston for time factor

approx 1500 to Milford, other sites drop off in volume from that
9 and 5 to trauma centers RI Hospital and then UMass Medical respectively

is transporting a money maker?
No, we don't cover our costs. We continue to look at how and if we could cover a third transport
The number of mutual aid is rising, need to watch that, if it continues to do so, then it may be justified

running 2 ambulances
120+ mutual aid calls in the last year (out of total of 2000)

50+ calls happened back to back

approx 200 calls from Dean

incident rate in general has been flat over last five year
industrial parks have been empty
residential workload has increase
when economy turns and industrial parks get busier, then the calls could increase

assisted living centers generate a call per unit per year
300 units coming online but not open yet

regional dispatch will it reduce the transportation times?
where all of our units are busy, the dispatcher will call elsewhere
when you have a regional dispatch, the status board will help to identify where the units are available and save the time calling around

we provide about 60-80 calls out to our neighbors

I would feel more comfortable with more ambulances

Live reporting - Town Council - Apr 16

Present: Padula, Kelly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Jones, Bissanti, Williams
Absent: Feldman, Mercer

March 5, 2014
motion to approve - seconded, passed 7-0

This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by Franklin Matters.

Saturday, Apr 26th Earth Day, rain or shine
free pizza and beverage, free t-shirts for first 300 volunteers


Design Review Commission - Kate Harrington
motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

Library Board of Directors - Suzanne Stilgoe
motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0



The High Line - park in the city (video)

As mentioned during the TED Talk shared earlier where Amanda Burden talked of her work in NYC, Robert Hammond gets into more detail on the development effort for "the high line"

One of the interesting side effects of the High Line was the evolution of the Renegade Cabaret. In 2009, it was quite the attraction to have singing performances from a building's fire escape as the people walked along the High Line. The Renegade Cabaret no longer performs there as the landlord is concerned about the fire escape. They do still perform at other locations in the City.

Here is a snapshot in 2009 of what the Renegade Cabaret was like:

Additional info on the High Line can be found here

or here  and follow the High Line blog here

What could be done with the Emmons St site? What could spring up around it?

150 Emmons St
150 Emmons St

Circle of Friends Coffeehouse: Zoe Lewis April 26 with Heather Pierson

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Circle of Friends Coffeehouse

262 Chestnut St

Franklin, MA
Phone: 508 528 2541


 Official Site
 ReverbNation Profile

at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse
with Heather Pierson
April 26th, $20

You may not have heard of Zoe but, trust us on this one, you do not want to miss this show!

Zoë Lewis
Zoë Lewis
On Saturday, April 26th, the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse presents Provincetown performer Zoe Lewis. The concert starts at 8PM and tickets are $20.

ZOË LEWIS is a band in a body! She plays jazz, jump jive, latin grooves, swing, international folk, funk originals on anything from the piano to the spoons! Troubadour/vaudevillian/storyteller/singer-songwriter/piece of work!

WINNER of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Troubadour Award in 2003, NEW FOLK WINNER 2002 at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas and 2001 Falconridge Folk Festival Audience Favorite.

Originally from England, she now resides in Provincetown on Cape Cod, MA, where she performs every summer. Her music is upbeat, amusing and perfect for young and old alike. She's traveled all over the globe picking up worldbeat grooves and stories on the way; jumping box cars, riding on freight boats and has even played music with an elephant orchestra in Thailand. She's a mixture of swing, acoustic funk, latin jazz and folk. Her fast-paced lyrics poke fun at modern society and praise the rambling delights of childhood, secret worlds, and wandering love.

Heather Pierson from New Hampshire will be opening the show. She is a pianist, multi-genre singer/songwriter and performer and winner of the 2012 New England Songwriting Contest. From New Orleans jazz to poignant folk narratives and Delta-style blues to soul-stirring instrumentals and chants, Heather's memorable, intimate and cathartic live performances move seamlessly and effortlessly from one style to the next, and a growing catalog of wildly divergent CD releases reflects her boundless creativity.

Heather Pierson
Heather Pierson
The Circle of Friends Coffeehouse is a non-profit organization affiliated with Franklin's First Universalist Society. Concerts are presented in a smoke free and alcohol free environment at the Society's handicapped accessible Meetinghouse, 262 Chestnut St. in Franklin, and begin at 8:00 PM; doors open at 7:30 PM. Beverages and gourmet desserts will be available. Admission is $20. Please call (508)528-2541 or visit to purchase tickets or for more information.

  Sat Apr 26 14, 08:00 PM
Zoë Lewis
Tickets: $20
PLAY Sat May 10 14, 08:00 PM
Ellis, Joe Crookston
Tickets: $20
PLAY Sat Sep 27 14, 08:00 PM
Eliza Gilkyson
Tickets: $25
PLAY Sat Oct 11 14, 08:00 PM
Cosy Sheridan, David Roth
Tickets: $20
PLAY Sat Nov 08 14, 08:00 PM
Ellis Paul
Tickets: $25
PLAY Sat Nov 22 14, 08:00 PM
The Stray Birds, The Honey Dewdrops
Tickets: $20
  Sat Jan 10 15, 08:00 PM
Brother Sun
Tickets: $20
> See More / Details

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Physical inquiries can be sent to: 262 Chestnut St, Franklin, MA, 02038, US
If our email is in your Spam/Junk Folder, please add to your address book.

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Easter Worship at Franklin Federated Church

FRANKLIN - ALL are welcome to the Easter Festival Worship service at Franklin Federated Church Sunday, April 20, at 10 AM. 
The festivities will begin in front of the church, when all are invited to take part in decorating a large wooden cross with flowers. The cross will then be carried into church for the start of worship. The service will include the welcoming of new members, a children's message, and a sermon entitled "Do Not Be Afraid" by the Rev. Charley Eastman. At the end of worship, all in attendance will be invited to join with the choir to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. 
Franklin Federated Church
Franklin Federated Church
There will be no Sunday School on Easter - children will stay with their families throughout worship. There are activity bags available for young children, and the nursery will be open (but not staffed) if any family would like to use the nursery while listening to worship.  
The church is handicapped accessible via a ramp on the left side of the church. Large print bulletins and hearing assistance devices are available. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook. Or, if you have questions or wish to speak to the pastor, call the church office at 508-528-3803.

SNETT Trail Healthy Heart Kick-off - Apr 25

Please join us as we celebrate the unveiling of the DCR Healthy Heart Trail, with an informative and fun introduction to a local trail gem, The Southern New England Trunkline Trail (SNETT). We will begin with a formal presentation at the Y and then move to the SNETT for a walk on the trail and picnic luncheon with our Y families.

Opening remarks provided by Representative Jeffrey Roy, Town Administrator Jeff Nutting, Franklin resident and YMCA Board member Brian Kelly, and a DCR representative.

There will be opportunities for networking prior to the start of the program and while on the trail.

Friday, Apr 25, 2014
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Bernon Family YMCA
45 Forge Hill Road

DCR Healthy Heart Trail Kick-off
DCR Healthy Heart Trail Kick-off
Please RSVP to Marissa L. Garofano by Apr 22
Director of  Community Wellness
Hockomock Area YMCA

For more information about the SNETT visit the Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee webpage

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Then and Now - Parmenter Nature Trail

On my weekly walks, one of the frequent side trips I make is along the Parmenter Nature Trail. I live a block from school and the Nature Trail is easily accessible across the playing fields behind the school.

Parmenter Nature Trail
Parmenter Nature Trail

The woods are lovely in the morning
The woods are lovely in the morning
 The trail is soft pine needles and slopes down quickly but easily

old stone wall
old stone wall

trail platform
trail platform

split rock by water side
split rock by water side
 The stream that runs from Spruce Pond on King St runs down here and then continues on to Mine Brook

side view of the split rock
side view of the split rock

what goes down, eventually goes back up
what goes down, eventually goes back up

ah, daffodils!
ah, daffodils!

bird house on tree behind the Parmenter School building as the trail ends
bird house on tree behind the Parmenter School building as the trail ends

The Parmenter Nature Trail in August 2008

There was a "story walk" along the trail that I captured with photos in October 2010

Where is the Parmenter Nature Trail?
The trail is found at the edge of the playing fields and runs through the green section of this map along the water and back up to the school building

Aubuchon Hardware - Flash Sale - Apr 19th

From Aubuchon Hardware:
Please join us for some refreshments and help support the Franklin Food Pantry. We will have our grills set up and be cooking hot dogs and offering other treats for you to enjoy. In lieu
of payment for refreshments we will be accepting monetary donations for the Franklin Food Pantry.
Franklin Food Pantry
Franklin Food Pantry
The Franklin Food Pantry helps our neighbors throughout the community obtain the food they need. During their last year, approximately 1,590 individuals were served by the Franklin Food Pantry, over 35% are children. Also the Pantry distributed more than 186,000 pounds of food, which was an increase of 35,000 pounds from the prior year.

Saturday, Apr 19 - 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Franklin spring sports results - 4/14/14

HockomockSports reports on the spring results from Monday, Apr 14th

BaseballTaunton, 9 @ Franklin, 16 - Final - Senior Pat O'Reilly was 3-5 with a triple and six RBI, junior Anthony Chaiton was 3-5, including a three-run home run, and had four RBI and four runs scored. Sophomore Nick Santucci was 3-4 with an RBI, walk, and three runs scored and Kyle Skidmore pitched 3.2 innings in relief for the win. Taunton's Zach Bowden had two hits, including a two-run home run and a total of four RBI.

SoftballFranklin, 3 @ Taunton, 7 - Final - Jordan Wade was 2-3 with three RBI, MacKenzie Navarro was 2-3 with a double, two RBI and a stolen base and Meghan Navarro had a double and RBI. Jesse Aleixo picked up the win, tossing seven innings, allowing two earned runs and striking out two. Franklin's Olivia DiGiacomo was 2-2 for the day with two RBI for the Panthers.
FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers
Boys lacrosseFranklin, 10 @ Foxboro, 7 - Final - Jack Vail netted two goals and added three helps and Austin Kent scored a hat trick for the Panthers. Kyle Lundgren picked up three points as well, scoring twice and adding an assist.

Girls lacrosseFoxboro, 6 @ Franklin, 14 - Final - Marta Vesprille scored five goals for Franklin and Emily Jeffries and Julia Jette each scored hat tricks as the Panthers stayed unbeaten. Katie Notarangelo had a hat trick for Foxboro and Morgan Ames, Marybeth Sweeney and Carrie Long each scored once for the Warriors.

Girls tennisFranklin, 2 @ Taunton, 3 - Final - Hannah Sweeney (Franklin) won 6-0, 6-0 at first singles, Anna Humphreys (Franklin) won 6-2, 4-6, 6-2 at second singles and Olivia Sweeney (Taunton) won 7-5, 6-4 at third singles. The team of Kim McNeil and Jess Grey (Taunton) won 3-6, 6-2, 7-5 at first doubles and Shawna LaPlante and Jordan Pagliuca (Taunton) won 6-1, 6-1 at second doubles.

For all the results from Monday, Apr 14 across the Hockomock League, check here

Important Franklin Downtown Partnership (FDP) Information

Important FDP Reminders:
Please read all the way to the bottom so you don't
miss out on important dates.....

2014 membership due APRIL 30th
You need to have membership paid in order to receive
a free business listing in the New Franklin Brochure.
Franklin Downtown Partnership
Franklin Downtown Partnership

Beautification and Strawberry Stroll sponsorships
are due in May.  Please see attached forms. If you are planning to sponsor, please e-mail the FDP office so we can include you on the flyers.

Steering Committee for Emmons Street Property
If you are interested in participating in the
Steering Committee that will be developing ideas
for the Emmons Street property please contact or the FDP office.

Economic Development Meeting
Wednesday, April 16th 5:30 pm
Town Hall

Town Council Meeting
Wednesday, April 16th 7:00 pm
Town Hall

Town Cultural District Meeting
Thursday, April 24th at 7PM in the Community Room of the Franklin Public Library. Note: Rescheduled from April 17thThe primary pupose of the meeting will be for the Cultural District Partnership (governance/management structure) to form and begin moving forward as its own entity. This meeting will also serve as a means for continued discussion about the Cultural District's geographic location (map critique) and discussion about the purpose and function of the Cultural District in general for the Town. Contact:

FDP General Meeting
Thursday, May 1st
8:30 am at Dean College
Agenda will be posted on website shortly

Beautification Day
Saturday, May 17th 9:00 am
All businesses should remove holiday greens from their barrels this week. Contact Eileen Mason if you plan to volunteer at

Franklin Brochure Map
All paid 2014 FDP businesses will receive a free listing.  Terri Frank will be emailing advertising options. Please note there is very limited space to advertise, so if you are interested you should contact Terri as soon as you receive this information. Since the brochure will be printed by the end
of May, we will Not be able to include any members who pay their membership Late.

Harvest Festival
The booth form will be posted on the FDP website June 15th.  Terri Frank will
be the contact this year and will be sending out information to current members2014 members will get a chance to sign up early before non-members.

Have a nice Easter.....
See you all soon