Monday, October 13, 2008



The income tax question on the ballot this fall is a reckless proposal that will have severe and immediate consequences for all of us. This binding referendum will take more than $12 billion—nearly 40 percent—out of the state budget, driving up local property taxes and leading to drastic cuts in services. Our communities will suffer sweeping education cuts, steep reductions in public safety personnel and further deterioration of roads and bridges. Times are hard enough. Let’s not make them worse.

Here is what we know

  • The income tax proposal will cost the Commonwealth more than $12 billion in revenues
  • That’s 40 percent of the state budget
  • This is a binding proposal that will become law effective January 1, 2009

This reckless proposal will:

  • Drive up local property taxes
  • Have dire consequences for our communities, putting:
    • Education at risk with:
      • Larger class sizes
      • Fewer afterschool programs
      • More school closings
    • Health care at risk for:
      • Seniors
      • Working families
      • People with disabilities
    • Public safety at risk with:
      • Fewer emergency response personnel
      • Longer 911 wait times
      • Fewer police officers and firefighters
    • Our infrastructure at risk with:
      • Unsafe bridges
      • Broken roads and more potholes
      • Cuts in service to public transportation
  • Put our fragile economy and job market at even greater risk

What to do about it

  1. Pledge to VOTE NO
  2. Sign up for email from to stay informed. You can do that here. As volunteer opportunities arise we will contact you.
  3. Tell your friends and family to VOTE NO. Let them know that you think this is a reckless and bad idea. Send them to and ask them to learn more and sign up to help as well.

Times are hard enough. Let’s not make them worse.

This info came from the folks at Vote NO on Question 1

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